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The 360-degree feedback tool for winners!


ThreeSixty is a tool to perform quantitative and unbiased 360-degree feedback surveys. It aims to be fun and scientific.


Just click the button, duh!


You are too lazy to come up with your own set of questions? No problem we got you covered: sample statements


ThreeSixty is a yes-no (polar) survey tool. You can simply answer questions by swiping on your phone or using the arrow keys on a computer.

We also added cat pictures as rewards to keep participants happy.


360-degree surveys can be great tools when performed correctly. If they are not, you risk that the recipients of constructive feedback will not fully accept the feedback or worse go into denial.


ThreeSixty does not share the results directly with employees. They should be only shared in a guided reflection session (1on1-meeting). It is important to help the receiver to reflect on feedback to increase chances of acceptance. The results should be also accompanied by proposed actions. Those actions should help the employee to overcome weaknesses.

Further reading:

Confirmation Bias

ThreeSixty uses the same set of questions for all surveys. Handpicking questions per employee will lead to biased results since you will unconsciously select questions that confirm preexisting assumptions.

As an added bonus you are able to compare results between employees.

Further reading:

Data Quality and Validity

ThreeSixty is a yes-no (polar) survey tool. This does not compromise your data quality. Polar surveys can increase response rates and participant satisfaction. This allows them to yield better results than other survey techniques.

Bear in mind that questions are not interpreted separately but as a whole for a given attribute. You do not survey for individual statements but a small set of attributes.

Please note that yes-no surveys are vulnerable to suggestibility. To avoid this, we recommend to use the simplest form of a statement. It should not include negations. This should be also taken into account when reviewing a set of questions.

The effect can be eliminated by only evaluating standard deviation between all employees.

Further reading: