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Integration tests Docker Pulls semantic-release

Torrent search GraphQL API

Check the playground

Sample query

  torrents(query: "sintel", providers: [PROVIDER_LIMETORRENTS]) {


Running the npm package

npm i -g torrent-gql
torrent-gql --port 3000

Running the docker image

docker run -p 3000:3000 ricardocasares/torrent-gql

Build from scratch

Clone the repository and inside the root folder run:

docker build . -t torrent-gql
docker run -p 3000:3000 torrent-gql

You can now visit the playground at http://localhost:3000


Feel free to open an issue, pull requests are preferred.

IMPORTANT Make sure you always create new branches from beta.

Automated versioning

We use semantic-release to automate the versioning process, make sure you follow the commit message convention explained here.

HEADS UP: If you are not sure how write a commit message, make your changes in your feature branch and run npm run commit and follow the assistant.



Create a feature branch and make a pull-request to beta branch. Once its merged, you can try and install the package using @beta dist tag on npm.

npm i -g torrent-gql@beta

After a successful build you'll be able to test the playground on the beta deployment generated by ▲ Now


Create a new pull-request from beta to master branch. Once it gets merged, the final version will be released using @latest dist tag on npm.

After a successful build you'll be able your changes in