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Rails plugin for a database-independent dump format.
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= MarshalDb

MarshalDb is a database-independent format for dumping and restoring data.  It complements the the database-independent schema format found in db/schema.rb.  The data is saved into db/

This can be used as a replacement for mysqldump or pg_dump, but only for the databases typically used by Rails apps.  Users, permissions, schemas, triggers, and other advanced database features are not supported - by design.

Any database that has an ActiveRecord adapter and UTF8 support should work.  UTF8 Support is important because it can't deal with different character encodings.

== Usage

rake db:marshal:dump   ->   Dump contents of Rails database to db/
rake db:marshal:load   ->   Load contents of db/ into the database

== Credits

MarshalDb was created by Ricardo Chimal, Jr. of Heroku.  Heavy inspiration from YamlDb created by Orion Henry and Adam Wiggins of Heroku.

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