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Testing Computer Vision APIs
Wkipedia and speech recgnition stuff

Project M.A.R.T.A

Multi-purpose Anthropomorphic Robot for Timely Assistance

alt text

NAO Foreign Language Learning Tutor by playing "I Spy" guessing game using Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs

M.A.R.T.A will be the solution!

Robot and Keyring Example - robot Example - computer screen

Video recorded during the hackathon presentation


Daniel Hernandez Garcia:

  • Nao movements and dialogues (creation and interfacing).
  • Gameplay
  • Random jokes.

Frederico Belmonte Klein:

  • "I Spy" game initial idea.
  • Gameplay.
  • Wikipedia engine and external speech recognition (not integrated... it was a Hackathon, only 48hs!)

[comment]: # (John Doe:) [comment]: # (- Random jokes.)

Massimiliano Patacchiola:

  • Nao video streaming interface.
  • M.A.R.T.A. logo.

Marta Romeo:

  • The original MARTA.
  • Team's name!
  • Project inspiration

Mina Marmpena:

  • Team Motivation and Coordination.

Ricardo de Azambuja:

  • Nao speech recognition interfacing.
  • MS Cognitive Services API interfacing.
  • Gameplay

Riccardo Polvara:


  • We assume NO responsibility for shortening the amount of time until singularity.
  • No Naos were harmed in the making of this game.
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