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Raspberry Pi controlling a Newbright RC Hummer toy
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Raspberry Pi controlling a Newbright RC Hummer toy.

RC car bought in a charity shop Tests with raspberry pi

New opening on the hood for battery swapping (later I will need to 3D print something to cover it...):
Now it's easier for battery swapping

Video of my first real test:
First test

  1. Enable Linux (or anything else) to share internet through ethernet.
  1. Test it with: $ ping raspberrypi.local
  • However, ssh will not work by default:
  • $ ssh pi@raspberrypi.local
  • ssh: connect to host raspberrypi.local port 22: Connection refused
  1. Easiest solution, add a file to the DOS partition called ssh:
  1. Transforming a raspberry pi into an access point:
  1. Installing the pigpio:
  1. Installing python tornado
  • $ sudo pip install tornado

Example of asymptotic curve used to reach higher speeds faster:
Now it's easier for battery swapping

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