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QGIS Conefor

A QGIS plugin for working with the Conefor application.

This plugin provides a bridge between QGIS and Conefor, allowing you to run all of Conefor's landscape connectivity analysis algorithms from inside QGIS, through the Processing framework. This provides a very convenient environment for landscape and habitat analysis. Conefor algorithms can be directly integrated in more complex workflows through models and scripts and use all of the other GIS algorithms included in the processing framework.

The plugin also includes a GUI window which can be used solely for preparing inputs to use by Conefor as a separate application.

Conefor authors are Santiago Saura ( and Josep Torné. This plugin was developed by Ricardo Garcia Silva ( with funding from ETSI Montes, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. The plugin is released under a GPL license.


  1. This plugin is only useful when the Conefor application is already installed and available. Conefor has both GUI and CLI applications, both are free to install. In order to use this plugin you must install the Conefor CLI application. Get it from

  2. The plugin should be available in the official QGIS plugins repository. It can be searched and installed directly from within QGIS using the plugin installer.

    If you wish to install directly from this repository and are using Linux:

    • Checkout any of the tagged versions (or the master branch) into some directory
    • Execute the Makefile that comes with the source code. It will compile the PyQt related stuff (GUI dialog and resources) and place the plugin in QGIS's plugin path.
    • Open QGIS and enable the Conefor Inputs plugin using the plugin manager
  3. In QGIS, open the Processing options and configuration dialogue. Search for 'Conefor' in the providers section. Be sure to enable the 'Activate' switch and input the path to where you have the Conefor CLI application.


  1. Using the standalone window
  2. Using the Processing framework

Issues and feature requests

Please use the bug tracker at


A QGIS plugin for integrating the Conefor software







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