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A scope for ubuntu's unity8 that interacts with

General remarks on missing or incorrect functionality

There are some bugs in the javascript bindings that are currently available on the phone on the stable channels, namely:

  • Online accounts are totally broken (seems this was fixed already but not published yet) and therefore we are not shipping manifest files for enabling them nor using them in the scope. See

  • PreviewWidgets whose add_attribute_value() method is supposed to accept an array of objects do not work as documented. Instead they only accept a single object, thus negating the possibility of adding multiple entries. This is the case for PreviewWidget of types:

    • audio,
    • actions,
    • table,

    See for example

  • PreviewWidgets of type review do not show up at all in the phone, while they work just fine on the desktop

Unfortunately the resolution of these issues is beyond me. As such, I chose to provide a simpler experience for this scope, in order to have at least a working application and make users happy.

Once the mentioned issues get fixed and are published to the stable channel I'll be happy to improve the scope with more bells and whistles ;)

Happy freesounding!