Vert.x application configuration management pattern using Ansible
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System configuration management and software deployment automation for Vert.x applications using Ansible and Jenkins.

This demo builds on the Vert.x Microservices workshop enhancing it by embracing system configuration (Ansible) and application deployment deployment(Jenkins) tasks practices, characteristic of DevOps environments.

##Folders contents:

  • ansible. The Ansible playbook and configuration necessary to provision the machines hosting the Vert.x Microservices.
  • deployment-jobs. A sample DSL-based Jenkins job description to build and deploy our services to running machines.
  • demo. An environment configuration based on Vagrant and Ansible to set up a Jenkins instance and the Virtualbox VMs hosting the Vert.x Microservices.


  • Ansible 2.0
  • Vagrant
  • Virtualbox