Coherent noise library for Unity, a port of LibNoise
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The main repository for LibNoise.Unity is currently maintained by Ricardo J. Méndez. Pull requests are welcome.


LibNoise.Unity is released under the LGPL license. See COPYING.txt and COPYING.LESSER.txt for details.


LibNoise was originally created by Jason Bevins. The library was later ported to Xna by Marc André Ueberall, and moved to Unity by Tim Speltz. Speltz’s original development forum thread contains a Unity package with an example scene, which can be found here. Please note that LibNoise.Unity is only a repository for the library code itself and contains no example files.

You can also see the converted tutorials examples on this repository.

Other contributors to LibNoise.Unity include Teddy Bradford who reworked much of the Noise2D class to improve tiling support for noise maps.