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The Uni Games, a Commodore 64 game
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The Uni Games

The first and only "Unicycle Games" games for the Commodore 64 compatible with UniJoystiCle™.

Version v0.4

Title Screen RoadRace CycloCross CrossCountry

The game is not finished yet. However, if you want to see the progress of the game, feel free to clone it, report bugs, submit pull requests, etc.

How to play it

Best if played with a UniJoystiCle. If you don't have one, go and get one. In the meantime you can try it with a regular joystick.

There are three events:

  • Road Race:
    • Joystick: Left + Right to speed
    • UniJoystiCle: Idle or pedal to speed
  • Cyclo Cross
    • Joystick: Fire to jump
    • UniJoystiCle: Hop to jump
  • Cross Country:
    • Joystick: Left + Right to speed; fire to jump
    • UniJoystiCle: Idle or pedal to speed; hop to jump

Try to beat the computer in all three events. Or play face-to-face with a friend.


Download latest version from here: unigames.d64


The Uni Games v0.4

How to compile it

  • Install cc65 and put it in the path. Requires cc65 v2.15 or newer (Don't install it using brew since it is an old version)
  • Install Vice and make sure c1541 and x64 are in the path.
    • On Mac: $ brew install vice
    • On Linux: $ apt-get install vice and follow these instructions
  • Install exomizer to generate compressed .prg files.
  • Clone this project and make bin:
$ git clone
$ cd c64-uni-games
$ make bin


(c) 2015, 2016 Ricardo Quesada Apache License v2.0

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