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This repository is a sample game showing how to run a cocos 3D game on VR platforms. The sample game is using cocos2d-x v3.10.

  • Copyright: Chukong Technologies
  • Source Code License: MIT
  • Artwork License: You may not use any artworks in this sample game for commercial purpose

##Git user attention

1.Clone the repo from Github

$ git clone

2.Update the submodule of cocosVR

$ git submodule update --init

3.After cloning the repo, please execute to download and install dependencies

$ cd cocos2d
$ python

##VR Platform support This project supports Three VR platforms: Oculus VR(win32), Gear VR and Deepoon VR(Samsung Note4/5 S6).

###SDK Requires OculusVR PC SDK V0.8.

Requires compile the SDK source code by VS2015 and build /MD(release) and /MDd(debug) Runtime Library

OculusVR Mobile SDK V1.0.0.1.

Deepoon Mobile SDK V0.1.2.

Important: Requires download oculus signature file for your mobile device from oculus official website, see oculus official documentation for more information

###Environment Variables OVRSDKROOT: PATH/


DEEPOONSDKROOT: PATH/samples/samples/native/SDKLib/

PATH means the absolute path of SDK root directory

##Run Demo

###win32 runtime Path: cocosVR/samples/proj.win32/cocosVR.sln.

Requires Visual Studio 2015 and above.

###android runtime Path: cocosVR/samples/

execute -V gearvr [-b release] for Gear VR platforms

execute -V deepoon [-b release] for Deepoon VR platforms

Suggest using release mode to build demo

##Create New VR Project execute [-n PROJECT_NAME] [-p PROJECT_PATH]

Building Project as mentioned above


  • Game Effects: SongCheng Jiang
  • Game Logic: SongCheng Jiang
  • Game Sound: SongCheng Jiang
  • VR technical support: SongCheng Jiang, HuaBing Xu, etc
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