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Unijoysticle 2

Like the original Unijoysticle, but remove WiFi and add Bluetooth.

unijoysticle 2

Unijoysticle 2 allows you to use modern Bluetooth gamepads, e.g Xbox One gamepad, in old computers like the Commodore 64 & 128.

And of course, you can still  use your unicycle to control your retro computer!

Basic functionality

One Bluetooth gamepad controls one joystick. You need two gamepads to control the two joysticks.

Basic mode

The mappings are:

  • D-pad/joypad: controls up/down/left/right.
  • Button A: fire button
  • Button B: "up"  (ideal for platform games).
  • Button shoulder-right: autofire.
  • System button swaps between Joystick #1 and #2

Enhanced functionality

Enhanced mode

When in "Enhanced mode", you control the two joysticks with only one gamepad. The mappings are:

  • Left joypad / d-pad: control Joystick #2 movements.
  • Right joypad: control Joystick #1 movements.
  • Button A: fire for Joystick #2
  • Button B: fire for Joystick #1
  • Button Shoulder Left: auto-fire for Joystick #1
  • Button Shoulder Right : auto-fire for Joystick #2

This mode is ideal for games like Commando or 1942 since it allows you throw grenades / roll by pressing Button B.

Toggle between Basic and Enhanced modes


Additional documentation can be found here:

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