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Arduino Library to decode CayenneLPP package to a Json format.
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Add isValid function to checks if the buffer is a CayenneLPP valid payload.
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This is an Arduino Library Compatible to Decoder Cayenne Low Power Payload to Json format (ArduinoJson).


This library uses the ArduinoJson library.




The library comes with examples. After installing the library you need to restart the Arduino IDE before they can be found under File > Examples > CayenneLPPDecode.


CayenneLPP Input

lpp.addDigitalInput(1, 0);
lpp.addDigitalOutput(2, 1);
lpp.addAnalogInput(3, 1.23f);
lpp.addAnalogOutput(4, 3.45f);
lpp.addLuminosity(5, 20304);
lpp.addPresence(6, 1);
lpp.addTemperature(7, 26.5f);
lpp.addRelativeHumidity(8, 86.6f);
lpp.addAccelerometer(9, 1.234f, -1.234f, 0.567f);
lpp.addBarometricPressure(10, 1023.4f);
lpp.addGyrometer(1, -12.34f, 45.56f, 89.01f);
lpp.addGPS(1, -12.34f, 45.56f, 9.01f);

CayenneLPPDecode Json Output

  "digital_in_1": 0,
  "digital_out_2": 1,
  "analog_in_3": 1.23,
  "analog_out_4": 3.45,
  "luminosity_5": 20304,
  "presence_6": 1,
  "temperature_7": 26.5,
  "relative_humidity_8": 86.5,
  "accelerometer_9": {
    "x": 1.234,
    "y": -1.234,
    "z": 0.567
  "barometric_pressure_10": 1023.4,
  "gyrometer_1": {
    "x": -12.34,
    "y": 45.56,
    "z": 89.01
  "gps_1": {
    "latitude": -12.34,
    "longitude": 45.56,
    "altitude": 9.01

Json Field

The json field name was based on The Things Network payload format Cayenne LPP.


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