Webpage with improved and interactive map of Rice, using Google Maps API.
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Welcome to the interactive Rice map, brought to you by Rice Apps!

Atlas' mission is to provide students at Rice with useful campus information such as building locations, classes, places to eat, parking, etc.

Team Members:

  • Abdul Hadi Tabani
  • John King
  • Waseem Ahmad
  • Xiao Zheng

Currently, we are developing a platform-independent back-end that provides accurate campus data.

The back-end will be implemented in Parse to minimize coding efforts and have access to native SDKs for Android, iOS, JavaScript, Unity and more.

General Use Cases We Hope to Support:

  • User enters class name to get location of class
  • User creates trip info for multiple-stop route
  • User opens a link to a campus location
  • User gets travel distance/time to campus location based on mode of transportation
  • User gets approximate wait time for shuttle
  • User shares link to campus location
  • User searches upcoming/regular event on campus to find location
  • User shares link to campus event location/time info
  • User looks at the list of currently open places to eat on campus
  • User follows link from eatery list to the website of a vendor
  • User searches for currently open lots and their hours
  • User searches sports schedule to find location and time of sporting event (e.g. IM Frisbee)
  • User finds residential college, navigates to website from link
  • User selects location and reserves room or space through Rice google calendar
  • User creates publicly-visible event at location
  • User sends location info for a reported incident to RUPD