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Servery App

An app that makes it simple to manage and view servery menus at Rice

We are currently live at:

  • Web Client: AngularJS and ReactJS

  • Server: Flask

  • Database: Any SQL compliant database

  • JS Build Tool: browserify (with reactify, browserify-shim, and uglifify)

If you are interesting in contributing code or ideas, see

If you want to see what we are currently working on, see our trello page at

Local Development Environment

(See for more detailed instructions)

In order to set up a local development environment, you need to install the dependancies noted in requirements.txt.

Setup the database using:


Download the latest menus using:


Start the flask server with the following command under the src folder:


The terminal should display a message like

Running on

Simply type that address in your browser to open the app.

To build the javascript into bundle.js, go to app/static/js and type:

browserify main.js -o bundle.js

(You will also need reactify, browserify-shim, and uglifify installed as well).