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An anonymous and collaborative online journal to share feelings.
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Krammer Map CMS

Krammer Map is an anonymous and collaborative online journal to share feelings. The project has two dependencies: Webview and CMS. CMS (Content Management System) is built with Django Framework. All installation instructions assume you already have Homebrew installed. If you are not running on MacOS or a Linux distribution, see the hyperlinks for dependencies.


brew install python3


Verify you have Python ≥ 3.7 installed:

python --version
python3 --version

Now we can install the repository. Run the following commands line by line:

git clone
cd map-cms/
pip3 install -r requirements/dev.txt

After all the modules in requirements are installed, run the migration script:

python3 migrate

Now, create a super user. Run the following command and then proceed with the instructions:

python3 createsuperuser

Finally, start the server:

python3 runserver

API Endpoints

Map CMS provides a number of API endpoints that allow clients to add/alter/remove data to/from the database. Other repositories such as Webview and Sentiment Analysis use these API endpoints to make meaning of the stored data.

GET /api/entries/<id>

Lists all the entries, ordering by the id DESC. If <id> is provided, then shows a single entry of the given id.

        "id": 2,
        "entry": "Such an amazing day!",
        "pub_datetime": "2019-05-29T12:16:11.818381-05:00",
        "pub_recently": true,
        "pub_location": "0.020001, 0.010001"
        "id": 1,
        "entry": "I was feeling down today, but it is getting better!",
        "pub_datetime": "2019-05-24T11:06:27-05:00",
        "pub_recently": false,
        "pub_location": "29.725062, -95.389317"

POST /api/entries/

Posts a new entry to the journal. The request IP should be whitelisted to allow posts from authorized clients.

    "entry": "This is an example entry.",
    "pub_loc_long": "0.000000",
    "pub_loc_lat": "0.000000"
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