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Working drafts of articles for final project
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Working drafts of articles for final project

The basic structure of the final project site will consist of an introduction splash page, written by Dr. McDaniel. The splash page is going to contain screenshots of the results of our various projects, modeled on this page. Each screenshot will link to a fuller essay answering these questions:

  • What is it? (one paragraph description)
  • Why did we make it? (rationale)
  • How did we make it? (methodology)
  • What next? (conclusions, questions, limitations of the method)

Here's the checklist of things we need to do by Friday, 08:00 AM.

Palladio Page

  • Identify more candidate jailers for the Palladio map (Dr. McDaniel)
  • Collect data for AR, TX (Kaitlyn) and MS (Clare) for 1840-1842
  • Put new data in Palladio (Clare)
  • Write page section on "how we made it" (Clare)
  • Revise page section on "why we made it" (Kaitlyn) - note: some of what is on this page now may be better suited for NER page
  • Write page section on "what next" (Clare)

Voyant Page

  • Write up Voyant page using and editing material from progress reports (Alyssa)

NER Page

  • Clean remainder of NER results (Aaron)
  • Write "how we made it” page section (Aaron)
  • Write "why we made it" page section (Clare) - note: some of the material currently on the Palladio page may go better here
  • Make final fusion table examples (Kaitlyn)
  • write up conclusions section, using close reading and the Fusion Table (Kaitlyn)


  • Write page section on "why we made it" (Daniel)
  • Write section on how to create topic model and then try different topics to divide the ads (Daniel)
  • Write section on how the script works to divide the ads using the doc-topics-output file (Dr. McDaniel)

Twitterbot Page

You can "check off" items by editing this page and putting an X in between the brackets at the beginning of each item.

Markdown resources

  • Mastering Markdown on GitHub-flavored Markdown
  • Dingus, a sandbox for testing Markdown syntax
  • For the curious, Pandoc, a free program that can actually convert Markdown files into a variety of other file formats, including Microsoft Word files, PDF documents, and standalone HTML websites.
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