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Issa Rice

I'm really impressed right now with Mojix's Mojilog (モジログ in Japanese). They seem to really be able to write about the most interesting things. It's really unfortunate that the site hasn't been updated in about one year. Somewhat ironically, they do have one post describing how important it is to keep blogging each day. Oh well. Anyway, some more interesting posts:

  • Here's something you don't hear everyday: he tells people to share what you find interesting if you can't write anything original. I think that's good advice, and probably something that has become more common these days, since more people share things on Facebook than have their own blogs. Maybe Facebook newsfeed really has made this type of blogging obsolete, though I don't think so (in particular, i think that even though sharing things + discussing them on facebook can be quite useful, that still it's best to host your own data, esp. since facebook isn't easily archivable).

  • They've been introducing me to more Japanese music, since atm the only japanese band i actually like is fishmans, and frankly by now i've probably listened to every song they ever made. anyway, one in particular is Nujabes, though im not particularly enamoured by them atm.1

  • Now I admit that i don't browse japanese sites very often, but this is the first instance ive seen of someone complaining about url shorteners in japanese: i actually haven't even seen much discussion of this even in english, so i was really surprised.

  • discussion of cognitive biases. i was only introduced to these from reading lesswrong, and i haven't found much discussion of them in japanese, so i was surprised that, in addition to everything else, they also knew about these. it's quite unfortunate though, that they didn't seem to find lesswrong itself; they only talk about the wikipedia pages.

  • some funny analysis of amateur hiphop/rap

  • "replace universities with content creation"---well, not quite, but if the post wasn't written in 2005 then that might have been the conclusion

  • "there are too many universities". this, of course, echoes what gregory clark has been talking about on Japan Times. anyway, since mojix also has found a few of bryan caplan's 2 posts, im inclined to think that they would even agree with caplan's "there's too much education" posts, as well as caplan's forthcoming book.

  • on "NEET valley". now, this i thought was super original. he even writes a post two years later about how NEETs and entrepreneurs are similar. my impression was that NEETs are treated with disrespect, so it's extremely refreshing to find someone from japan who doesn't subscribe to this outdated mode of thought.

it's really too bad i haven't found more people/sites like this one.


  1. I actually found this hilarious sentence on the wikipedia page:

    このNUJABESの名は、その美しい彼の音楽とともに地球を一人歩きし、 人種や民族、国境や言語を軽々と飛び超え、世界を駆け巡り、 日本が世界に誇る日本人アーティスト名として広く知られるようになった。

  2. this is actually how i found mojix's site in the first place.