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Here are the ones I know about:
* What Is Research? (, his old math research blog
* Olympiads and I (, his old Olympiads blog
* The Web Crawler (, another old Blogger blog that only has one post
* Vipul Naik (, his current personal site
* Vipul Naik's Home Page: Main Page (, his old personal/academic site from CMI
* Vipul Naik's Home Page -- University of Chicago (, his academic site from UChicago
* Thinking Beyond Competition (, his old ethics/philosophy/econ blog
* Wikipedia Views (, a site to tabulate pageviews of Wikipedia pages
* Vipul’s Classroom (, the site for his math YouTube videos
* Open Borders: The Case (, the open borders advocacy site he started
* Subwiki (, the site where he puts all of his subject-specific wikis. Out of these, the most developed is Groupprops (, the group theory wiki. There is also The Subject Wikis Blog (
* Cognito Mentoring (, an experimental mentoring service he started with Jonah Sinick, which also has the Cognito Mentoring Info Wiki (
* Wikipedia ( (various topics)
* Contract work for Vipul Naik (, a website that tracks the contract work he and others have funded
* Historical ridership, route, and price data (, a website for viewing BART data (under construction as of this writing)
* Timelines Wiki (, a wiki that hosts timelines on various topics. See User contributions ( (CoI: I host the wiki.)
* See also Service ( for his various online profiles