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public welfare foundation

This repo is for work on Vipul Naik's Donations List Website.

The issue that started this repo is:

Data is at

Getting data.html

The table on PWF's website is loaded using JavaScript and the URL doesn't change when paginating so it's a little annoying to get the data.

The table script itself is pretty simple and you can find it at

What I ended up doing was sending the following request in Chrome's console, with the page parameter varying from 1–12 (i.e. send the request twelve times; there could be more pages by the time you read this):"", {
            action: 'grants_load',
            categories: "",
            years: "",
            page: 1,
            nextblock: 0,
            prevblock: 0
        }, function(response){
            if(response) {
                if(response === '0') {
                     * Wrong response
                    jQuery("#grants-content").html("Ups :(<br>Something went wrong");
                else {

This produces a command/result dump in console. Right click in the console and do "Save as …". You then have to remove all the command lines so you get just the results. Store that in data.html and you're done.

There might be a better way to do this. In particular clicking on each page and saving the DOM once that page has loaded, and repeating that, shouldn't be too bad.


CC0 for the scripts, not sure about data.