Create a large timeline image using a data export from the Feed Baby mobile app.
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Feed Baby Timeline Generator

This script will take a CSV export from the Feed Baby app, and reconstruct the timeline as one big image.

An example of the timeline you can get.

Print it on a poster! Put it on a t-shirt! Or print it out and give it to your child when they're older so you can show them just how much of a pain they were.


Take the CSV exports from Feed Baby and put them into a sub-directory called data. Then run the generate_timeline.php script.

>ls data

>php generate_timeline.php
Loading data from exported files...
Creating timeline image...
timeline.png written, processing complete


You will then have a file called timeline.png in the directory.


There are some customization options at the top of the script, which let you control if various labels and marking lines show up, and where you can configure the colours. I've not massively tested them, so things may break if you play about with them too much. They should all be well explained in the code comments.

Bonus Statistics

There's also a file which can generate some interesting statistics from the CSV data, such as total number of time spent feeding, how many times your little one has pooped... ever, whether they prefer the left breast over the right, etc. Run the generate_stats.php script to get the output to stdout. What can you do with this information? Tweet it out and share with the world just how much poop is involved in having a child!