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A jQuery event that's triggered when you click/tap and hold on an element for 1s.
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A taphold event for jQuery.

Click/tap and hold for 1s (default) on an element to trigger a taphold event. If you release before the 1s then a normal click event is triggered instead. If you drag outside of the element while holding, then no event is triggered.


$("#element").bind("taphold", function()
    // Actions

// or

$("#element").on("taphold", function()
    // Actions

You can combine the event with a click event but just also specifying a click event.

$("#element").on("taphold", function()
    // Actions for taphold
.on("click", function()
    // Actions for normal click

Or you can specify the click callback in the clickHandler option.

                 {clickHandler: function() { // Do this on click. }},
                 function() { // Do this on taphold. });

You can change the duration by passing a new value as an option.

$("#element").on("taphold", {duration: 2000}, function()
    // Actions will trigger after 2s instead of the default of 1s.
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