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soen343-f2010 Re-naming repo to be more generic about writing; moving TA Material i… Jan 3, 2019

This directory is where I've stashed all my old TA material from when I worked at Concordia University in Montreal. There is material from 5 courses I was involved with:

  • SOEN229 - Winter 2009 semester: this was the last time the SOEN229 "System Software" course was offered at Concordia. When I took the course it touched loosely on Linux fundamentals, some rudimentary operating system concepts, and then some Perl programming. Since this was the last time it was being offered, and the course replacing it (SOEN287) would be a web course, the professor opted to have the Perl programming lean towards CGI programming and web basics.
  • SOEN287 - Fall 2009 semester: This was the first time Concordia offered the SOEN 287 Web Programming course. Hot off the heels of SOEN229, we opted to have a thorough introduction of the web fundamentals using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and again Perl CGI. Wisely, the University has moved past Perl programming.
  • SOEN343 - Fall 2010 semester: The Software Design course in which students were introduced to Design Patterns and Unit Testing, using mostly Java.
  • SOEN344 - Winter 2011 semester: The Software Design II course (sometimes called Software Architecture). I wasn't preparing course material for this class, but opted to write two tutorials on Servlet basics and JSPs as a refresher for myself.
  • SOEN228 - Winter 2011 semester: Concordia's System Hardware course, which was alays a roller coaster for students as it touches on CPU architecture, breadboarding, NASM programming, bitwise arithmetic, flip-flops, and more. Like SOEN344 I wasn't preparing material for this course, but opted to write a lengthy introduction to NASM programming when the students didn't find any of the beginner-level NASM tutorials approachable.
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