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Basic Usage

Visit for more details.

This is very basic guide. Note that this library supports all IronWorker API features, it just lacks documentation.

Create Client

It'll be used for all IronWorker interactions.

import io.iron.ironworker.client.Client;

Client client = new Client("IRON_IO_TOKEN", "IRON_IO_PROJECT_ID");

Create Code Package

This isn't implemented in this library yet, so you need to create zip which will contain all jars you need and runner.rb which will simply run java executable.

root = nil

($*.length - 2).downto(0) do |i|
  root = $*[i + 1] if $*[i] == '-d'


puts `java -jar MyWorker.jar -cp Xerces.jar`

Upload Code Package

You need to specify name by which you'll call your worker later and path to zip created at previous step.


JavaCode code = new JavaCode("MyWorker", "path/to/");

Run It

Prefered way is to use provided builders like Params or TaskOptions, but you can fall back and pass Map<String, Object> instead.

import io.iron.ironworker.client.entities.TaskEntity;

// specififying some options
TaskEntity t = client.createTask("MyWorker",
        Params.add("param", 13).add("another", "value"),

// alternate params syntax
client.createTask("MyWorker", Params.create("param", 13, "another", "value"));

Get Results

At the moment entities just hold data, you need to call client yourself.

  t = client.getTask(t.getId()); // update information
  String status = t.getStatus();

  String log = client.getTaskLog(t.getId());