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; Copyright (c) Richard Lyman. All rights reserved.
; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
; the terms of this license.
; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
(ns com.lithinos.amotoen.core)
; s - input string
; w - input wrapper
; g - given grammar
; r - result to return
; n - next character in input
(declare pegasus)
(def ^:dynamic *currentK* (ref nil))
(defprotocol IPosition
(psdebug [t] "Some form of helpful debug info")
(in [t] "Indent - for debugging")
(de [t] "Dedent - for debugging")
(clone [t] "")
(gp [t] "Get pos") ; E.V.I.L. ... maybe
(sp [t j] "Set pos") ; E.V.I.L. ... maybe
(end [t] "End of input")
(m [t] "Returns the 'c' then (inc pos)")
(c [t] "The character at pos"))
(defn gen-ps ; 'ps' is for a 'p'eggable 's'tring
([#^String s] (gen-ps s 0))
([#^String s j] ; 'j' is where we currently are in the input... 'i' was skipped since it was too close to 'i'nput
(let [j (ref j)
indent (ref 0)]
(reify IPosition
(psdebug [t]
(let [indent-string (apply str (take @indent (repeat " ")))
padding (apply str (take 60 (repeat " ")))
before_j (str "'" (pr-str (try
(subs s
(max 0 (- @j 30))
(max 0 @j))
(catch Exception e ""))) "'")
at_j (str " " (pr-str (c t)) " ")
after_j (str "'" (pr-str (try
(subs s
(inc @j)
(min (+ @j 30) (count s)))
(catch Exception e ""))) "'")]
(str (subs
(str (if (< @j 0)
(str "<-" (subs s 0 20))
(str before_j at_j after_j))
(in [t] #_(dosync (alter indent inc)))
(de [t] #_(dosync (alter indent dec)))
(gp [t] @j)
(sp [t k] (dosync (ref-set j k)))
(clone [t] (gen-ps s @j))
(end [t] (= @j (count s)))
(m [t] (let [r (c t)] (dosync (alter j inc)) r))
(c [t] (try (.charAt s @j) (catch Exception e nil)))))))
(defn lpegs [t s] (reverse (into '() (cons t (seq s))))) ; This doesn't need to be fast, but shouldn't the following work? (list (cons t (seq s)))
(defn pegs [s] (vec (seq s)))
(def ^:dynamic *debug* (ref false))
(defn- debug [w & args]
(when @*debug*
(print (psdebug w))
(print @*currentK* " ")
(apply println args)
(def #^{:private true} grammar-grammar {
:_* '(* :Whitespace)
:_ [:Whitespace '(* :Whitespace)]
:Grammar [\{ :_* :Rule '(* [:_ :Rule]) :_* \}]
:Rule [:Keyword :_ :Body]
:Keyword [\: :AmotoenSymbol]
:Body '(| :Keyword :Char :Grouping :AnyNot :AwareFunction :Function)
:Grouping '(| :Sequence :Either :ZeroOrMore)
:Sequence [\[ :_* :Body '(* [:_* :Body]) :_* \]]
:Either [\( \| :_ :Body '(* [:_* :Body]) :_* \)]
:ZeroOrMore [\( \* :_ :Body :_* \)]
:AnyNot [\( \% :_ :Body :_* \)]
:AwareFunction [\( \a :_ :Symbol :_ :Body :_* \)]
:Function [\( \f :_ :Symbol :_ :Body :_* \)]
:Whitespace '(| \space \newline \tab \,)
:Char [\\ (list '| (pegs "tab") (pegs "space") (pegs "newline") '(% \space))]
:Symbol '(| \/ :AmotoenSymbol)
:AmotoenSymbol [:NonNumericCharacter '(* :AlphanumericCharactersPlus)] ; _Not_ the same as a Clojure Symbol
:NonNumericCharacter (list '% (lpegs '| "0123456789"))
:AlphanumericCharactersPlus (lpegs '| "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789:/*+!-_?.")
(defn- either [n g w]
#_(let [original (gp w)]
(loop [remaining (rest n)]
(if (nil? (seq remaining))
(sp w original)
(let [result (pegasus (first remaining) g w)]
(if (nil? result)
(recur (rest remaining))
(let [original (gp w)] ; Why is this still the fastest?
(sp w original)
(pegasus % g w))
(rest n))))
#_(let [original (gp w)]
#_(println "Processing either:" (first n) (rest n))
(filter #(do #_(println "checking for nil:" %) (not (nil? %)))
#(do #_(println "Running with:" %) (pegasus % g (clone w)))
(rest n))))))
(defn- any-not [b g w]
(let [c (c w) p (gp w)]
(if (pegasus b g w)
(do (sp w p) nil) ; If we succeed, then we fail - that's the point of AnyNot... and rollback
#_(debug w "AnyNot MATCH:" (pr-str b) c)
(m w)
c)))); If we fail, then we accept the current char
(defn- try-char [n w]
(if (= n (c w))
#_(debug w (str "MATCH: '" (pr-str n) "' with '" (pr-str (c w)) "'"))
(m w);)
#_(debug w (str "FAIL: '" (pr-str n) "' with '" (pr-str (c w)) "'"))
(defn- peg-vec [n g w]
(let [p (gp w)]
(loop [remaining n
result []]
(if (empty? remaining)
(let [temp (pegasus (first remaining) g w)]
(if temp
(recur (rest remaining)
(conj result temp))
(sp w p)
(defn- typed-list [n g w]
(let [t (first n)
b (second n)
result (cond (= t '|) (let [temp (either n g w)]
#_(debug w "Either returning:" (pr-str temp))
(= t '%) (any-not b g w)
(= t '*) (doall (take-while #(if (keyword? b)
(b %)
(repeatedly #(pegasus b g w))))
(= t 'a) (b g w (pegasus (first (rest (rest n))) g w))
(= t 'f) (b (pegasus (first (rest (rest n))) g w)))]
(if (and
(seq? result)
(nil? (seq (rest result)))
(not (nil? (first result)))
(first result)
(defn- p [w s n] #_(debug w s (pr-str n)))
(defn- fp [w s n]
(dosync (ref-set *debug* true))
(p w "c:" n)
(dosync (ref-set *debug* false)))
; If the rule and current position pair have already been seen...
(defn pegasus [n g w]
(in w)
#_(when (keyword? n) (dosync (ref-set *currentK* n)))
(let [result (cond
(keyword? n)(do (p w "k:" n)
(when (nil? (n g)) (throw (Error. (str "Keyword '" n "' does not exist in grammar"))))
(let [temp (pegasus (n g) g w)]
(if temp
{n temp}
(vector? n) (do #_(p w "v:" n) (peg-vec n g w))
(list? n) (do #_(p w "l:" n) (typed-list n g w))
(char? n) (do #_(p w "c:" n) (try-char n w))
true (throw (Error. (str "Unknown type: " n))))]
#_(when (keyword? n) (dosync (ref-set *currentK* n)))
(de w)
(defn validate
([g] (validate g false))
([g d]
(dosync (ref-set *debug* d))
(let [w (gen-ps (pr-str g))
temp (pegasus :Grammar grammar-grammar w)
r (or (nil? temp)
(not (end w)))]
(dosync (ref-set *debug* false))
[r, temp])))
(defn self-check [] (validate grammar-grammar))
(defn self-ast []
(dosync (ref-set *debug* false))
(let [r (pr-str (pegasus
(gen-ps (pr-str grammar-grammar))))]
(dosync (ref-set *debug* false))
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