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; Copyright (c) Richard Lyman. All rights reserved.
; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
; the terms of this license.
; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
(ns com.lithinos.amotoen.grammars.minimark
(:use [clojure.pprint])
(:use [com.lithinos.amotoen.core]))
(defn containing [s b e] [s b (list '* b) e])
(defn delimited
([m] (delimited m m))
([b e] (delimited b e e))
([s b e] (containing s (list '% b) e)))
(defn delimited-body [d b] (delimited (pegs d) b (pegs d)))
(defn a-frequency-ordered-char [] ; Semi-frequency-ordered
(lpegs '| "etaoinsrh,.?bcdfgjklmpquvwxyz023456789~`@#$%&*()+}]|:;<>/\""))
(defn one-or-more [b] [b (list '* b)])
(defn one-or-more-not [b] [(list '% b) (list '* (list '% b))])
(def grammar {
:Content '(* (| :SafeChar :Markup :UnsafeChar))
:Markup '(| :HRule :MDash :List :SS :U :B :I :Href :Pre :H4 :H3 :H2 :H1)
:HRule (pegs "----")
:MDash (pegs "---")
:List '(| :OrderedList :UnorderedList)
:OrderedList (one-or-more [(pegs "1. ") :ListBody])
:UnorderedList (one-or-more [(pegs "-- ") :ListBody])
:ListBody [:ListContent \newline '(* (| \newline \space \tab))]
:ListContent '(* (| :ListSafeChar :SS :U :B :I :Href :Pre (% \newline)))
:SS (delimited \^)
:H4 (delimited-body "====" \=)
:H3 (delimited-body "===" \=)
:H2 (delimited-body "==" \=)
:H1 (delimited-body "=" \=)
:B (delimited (pegs "'''"))
:I (delimited (pegs "''"))
:U (delimited (pegs "__"))
:Pre (containing (pegs "{{{") :PreContent (pegs "}}}"))
:PreContent '(| [\! \}] (% [\} \} \}]))
:Href [\[ (list '| (delimited \[ \]) :HrefExplained) \]]
:HrefExplained [(one-or-more-not \space) \space (one-or-more-not \])]
:ListSafeChar (list '| \space :EscapedChar (a-frequency-ordered-char) \tab)
:SafeChar (list '| :EmptyLine :ListSafeChar \newline)
:EmptyLine [\newline \newline]
:EscapedChar [\! :UnsafeChar]
:UnsafeChar (lpegs '| "ETAOINSRH1BCDFGJKLMPQUVWXYZ!\\[={_^'-")
(defn list-safe-to-html [l] (if (map? l) (first (vals l)) l))
(defn safe-to-html [l] (if (map? l) (first (vals l)) l))
(defn content-to-html [l]
(map? l) (first (vals l))
(seq? l) (apply str (map content-to-html l))
true l))
(defn one-or-more-to-str [l]
(if (char? (second l))
(apply str l)
(reduce (fn [a b] (str a b))
(first l)
(second l))))
(defn delimited-to-html
([l c] (delimited-to-html l c "span"))
([l c t] (if (not (nil? l))
(str "<" t " class='" c "'>" (one-or-more-to-str (butlast (rest l))) "</" t ">"))))
(defn href-to-html [v]
(if (not (nil? v))
(if (vector? (second v))
(let [l (one-or-more-to-str (butlast (rest (second v))))]
(str "<a href='" l "'>" l "</a>"))
(let [inside (first (vals (second v)))
link (one-or-more-to-str (first inside))
explanation (one-or-more-to-str (last inside))]
(str "<a href='" link "'>" explanation "</a>")))))
(defn pre-to-html[v]
(if (not (nil? v))
(let [v (butlast (rest v))]
(if (= \newline (first (vals (first v))))
(str "<div class='pre-block'>"
(apply str (map #(first (vals %))
(butlast (second v))))
(str "<div class='pre-inline'>"
(reduce (fn [a b] (str a (first (vals b))))
(first (vals (first v)))
(second v))
(defn list-to-html
([v] (list-to-html v "ol"))
([v t]
(if (not (nil? v))
(str "<" t ">"
(reduce (fn [a b] (if (empty? b) a (str a (str "<li>" (first (vals (last b))) "</li>"))))
(str "<li>" (first (vals (last (first v)))) "</li>")
(rest v))
"</" t ">"))))
(defn list-content-to-html [l]
(reduce (fn [a b] (str a (if (map? b) (first (vals b)) b)))
(first l)
(rest l)))
(def #^{:private true} to-html-fns {:Content content-to-html
:EscapedChar #(first (vals (second %)))
:ListSafeChar list-safe-to-html
:SafeChar safe-to-html
:MDash #(if (not (nil? %)) "&mdash;")
:HRule #(if (not (nil? %)) "<hr />")
:SS #(delimited-to-html % "superscript")
:U #(delimited-to-html % "underline")
:B #(delimited-to-html % "bold")
:I #(delimited-to-html % "italic")
:H4 #(delimited-to-html % "H4" "div")
:H3 #(delimited-to-html % "H3" "div")
:H2 #(delimited-to-html % "H2" "div")
:H1 #(delimited-to-html % "H1" "div")
:Pre pre-to-html
:Href href-to-html
:List #(first (vals %))
:Markup #(first (vals %))
:ListBody #(first (vals (first %)))
:OrderedList list-to-html
:UnorderedList #(list-to-html % "ul")
:ListContent #(list-content-to-html %)
:EmptyLine #(if (not (nil? %)) "<div class='empty-line' />") })
(defn to-html
([s] (to-html s grammar))
([s g] (post-process :Content g (wrap-string s) to-html-fns)))
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