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richard-lyman committed Dec 28, 2011
1 parent 3ed928c commit 2f1d621a67c39ca0ee1b9d3409923161fe0253d0
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  1. +13 −2 src/com/lithinos/amotoen/core.clj
@@ -70,15 +70,26 @@
#_(let [original (gp w)] (first (keep #(do (sp w original)
(pegasus % g w))
(rest n))))
- ; This is supposed to be faster... I think... the 'backtracking' is done in parallel... but I wonder if pmap is lazy... so each item is still in serial...
- (let [[result resultw] (first (remove #(nil? (first %))
+; So. The two below are supposed to be 'faster'... when the body you're running is slow-ish... in comparison... and it's not...
+; ... that might be because for most situations the 'backtracking' is only a single character worth
+ #_(let [[result resultw] (first (remove #(nil? (first %))
(pmap #(let [cw (clone w)] [(pegasus % g cw) cw])
(rest n))))]
(if (nil? result)
(sp w (gp resultw))
+ #_(let [[result resultw] (first (drop-while #(nil? @(first %))
+ (doall (map #(let [cw (clone w)] [(future (pegasus % g cw)) cw])
+ (rest n)))))]
+ (if (nil? result)
+ nil
+ (do
+ (sp w (gp resultw))
+ @result)))
(defn- type-list [n g w]

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