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This Readme file reflects TurboTurtle version 1.0.

Command-line Options

The following command-line options may be passed to any TurboTurtle program to control the program operation.

--resolution xres yres Without the --fullscreen option, this sets the window size to xres by yres (normally 512x512). With the --fullscreen option, this sets the fullscren resolution
--fullscreen Force the TurboTurtle program to use a fullscreen video mode
--vsync Synchronize the frame updates with the vertical retrace of your display device. This gives the most smooth animation with no tearing.

Compiling Demo Programs


To compile a demo program, use the script included with the TurboTurtle source code. Go to a command prompt and change to the directory where you unzipped the TurboTurtle source code. Build a demo program by running "./ logocode/program_name.logo", where program_name is one of the included demo files such as DragonCurve Fern or Spirograph. This will create an executable file in the current directory named program_name. To run it in fullscreen mode, type "./program_name --fullscreen". Press escape to exit the logo program.


The Windows demo pack was built with the following tools:

To build the demo Logo programs under Windows, install Python and Visual Studio and do the following:

  1. Create a new directory on the desktop (or anywhere you would like) to hold the Logo programs

  2. Unzip the SDL development libraries into the new directory

    • This should create a folder called SDL-1.2.13
  3. Copy the SDL.dll library from the SDL-1.2.13\lib folder into the new directory

  4. Unzip the TurboTurtle-1.2-source.tar.gz package into the new directory

    • You may need to install Cygwin or WinRAR to unzip the .tar.gz file
    • This should create a folder called TurboTurtle-1.2-source
  5. Copy this Windows Batch File into the new directory

  6. Start Visual Studio and open a VS command prompt (by clicking the Visual Studio 2005 Command Prompt option under the Tools menu)

  7. CD to the new directory containing the SDL and TurboTurtle folders

  8. Run the batch file to build all the Logo programs

Compiling Your Own Programs

You can modify the demo logo files or create your own Logo programs from scratch and compile them with TurboTurtle.

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