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A kanban viewer that queries redmine
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A kanban viewer that queries redmine.

Quick Start

  • Download the source.
  • Open app/index.html in your browser
    • Some browsers (chrome) will require you to open the file under http://, which means you'll need a server. I recommend node, but any will do.
    • Others (firefox) don't seem to care at the moment, and you can just open the file locally (i.e. under the file:// protocol).
  • I've pointed the version in this repo at, which is set up to allow CORS. You can either ask me for an account, or use your own installation of redmine and change the redmineBaseUrl in controllers.js.
  • ????
  • Profit!!


  • If you don't have a github account, get one.
  • Fork this repo
  • Make your changes
  • Open a pull request
  • I'll merge the changes in once we're happy with them.
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