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Active Patterns

Richard Dalton


Pattern matching is a standard feature of most functional programming languages. F# takes it to the next level with Active Patterns.

In this live coding session I'll demonstrate what pattern matching is and how it can greatly simplify your code. With that as a foundation we'll look at the different kinds of Active Patterns that F# supports and how they are used.

If you are learning or using F#, Active Patterns are a feature of the language that you can derive significant benefit from immediately.

About The Speaker

Richard has been a software developer for almost 20 years. In recent years he has developed an interest in functional programming generally and F# in particular.

Having presented a number of times at Developer, Developer, Developer days, Richard has also lectured at both Griffith College Dublin and Waterford Institute of Technology.

He is currently a co-organiser of the Functional Kats functional programming monthly meet-up in Dublin.

Head over to Richard's blog, and follow him on Twitter @richardadalton.

Presented At

DDD East Anglia, Sep 26th 2015, Cambridge

DDD North, Oct 24th 2015, Sunderland