Python library for the API.
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Deprecated is now deprecated, please use the official SDK

I aim to write a wrapper for the SDK when i have the time to do so.

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Python library for the API, currently supporting:

  • login
  • uploading
  • downloading
  • deleting
  • searching
  • sharing
  • renaming
  • moving files

This is a work in progress, further functionality coming shortly.

For more detailed information see

How To Use

Install package

#Run the following command, or run setup from the latest github source
sudo pip install


from mega import Mega

Create an instance of

mega = Mega()
# add the verbose option for print output on some functions
mega = Mega({'verbose': True})

Login to Mega

m = mega.login(email, password)
# login using a temporary anonymous account
m = mega.login()

Get user details

details = m.get_user()

Get account balance (Pro accounts only)

balance = m.get_balance()

Get account disk quota

quota = m.get_quota()

Get account storage space

# specify unit output kilo, mega, gig, else bytes will output
space = m.get_storage_space(kilo=True)

Get account files

files = m.get_files()

Upload a file, and get its public link

file = m.upload('myfile.doc')
# see for destination and filename options

Upload a file to a destination folder

folder = m.find('my_mega_folder')
m.upload('myfile.doc', folder[0])

Download a file from URL or file obj, optionally specify destination folder

file = m.find('myfile.doc')
m.download_url('!utYjgSTQ!OM4U3V5v_W4N5edSo0wolg1D5H0fwSrLD3oLnLuS9pc'), '/home/john-smith/Desktop')
# specify optional download filename (download_url() supports this also), '/home/john-smith/Desktop', '')

Import a file from URL, optionally specify destination folder

folder_node = m.find('Documents')[1]
m.import_public_url('!utYjgSTQ!OM4U3V5v_W4N5edSo0wolg1D5H0fwSrLD3oLnLuS9pc', dest_node=folder_node)

Create a folder


Rename a file or a folder

file = m.find('myfile.doc')
m.rename(file, 'my_file.doc')

Moving a file or a folder into another folder

file = m.find('myfile.doc')
folder = m.find('myfolder')
m.move(file[0], folder)

Search account for a file, and get its public link

file = m.find('myfile.doc')

Trash or destroy a file from URL or its ID



files = m.find('myfile.doc')
if files:

Add/remove contacts



1. Python2.7+
2. Python requests (>0.10) -
3. PyCrypto -


Test .py files can be found in, run these to ensure is working 100%.


Feel free to pull the source and make changes and additions.

Learn about the API at, more documentation coming shortly.