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Planned features

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Listed here are features that aren't yet in YAMS but are either planned or have been asked for, if there is something you want that isn't listed, please put it on as an issue. Remember, YAMS will never mod the Minecraft server, it is an admin tool.

Version History lists all the features currently available.


The following are partially implemented and may just need some UI work to finish off

  • Add map markers to overviewer (without server plugins)


These are features YAMS will definitely have:

  • Upload and download of world
  • Backup retention policies and access from the admin panel to your backups
  • Upload and support of plugins (either bukkit or official mod support)
  • Selection of popular map generators for generating new worlds.
  • Bukkit mod support: as long as Mojang don't get mod support out before then


These are features that YAMS may have one day:

  • Optional embedded Mumble server (Murmur) per Minecraft server


The following things will never be implemented in YAMS:

  • Intentional backdoors, or elevated privileges for developers
  • Wrapper mode: Your Minecraft client will always be talking directly to the Minecraft server (Mojang or Bukkit)
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