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For Live branch only, not all components need updating all the time, version number here refers to the library/DLL. ##0.15.0 (Current)

  • [DLL] Force IPv4 when detecting external IP
  • [DLL] Include reporter in automatic downloads and updates
  • [DLL] Use modified date for overviewer to stop spamming their servers
  • [DLL] Add a user-agent to downloader
  • [DLL] CraftBukkit URLs were relative and failing
  • [DLL] Output text format changed, update regex to fix player lists, version number etc.


  • [DLL] Better updating of Bukkit and Overviewer
  • [ALL] Support for custom JARs
  • [WEB] Shows internal connection details in connection tab
  • [WEB] Allow changing of header text on public website
  • [DLL] More details logged when doing updates
  • [WEB] Start and stop commands available in scheduler
  • [WEB] Reinstate restart button


  • [WEB] New scheduled job; "Issue Command" that sends any command to the server at the specified time
  • [WEB] Add force stop button
  • [DLL] Fix for Mojang's new file naming convention that broke auto-updating from 1.6.x


  • [DLL] Allow selection of Release/Beta/Dev Bukkit builds
  • [DLL] If user has not chosen to download Bukkit, but selected it as the server type, then choose it for them.


  • [DLL] Make overviewer work again
  • [ALL] Housekeeping/cleaning up
  • [DLL] Support both login strings so Tekkit and other packs based on older MC versions still show users.
  • [WEB] Order of parameters on come commands has changed.
  • [WEB] Add help menu and uservoice tag to admin


  • [DLL] If using args.txt the JDK wasn't used, always JRE
  • [WEB] Fix players not showing in lists after certain MC update
  • [WEB] Public JSON API that responds with player lists


  • [DLL] 32-bit Java running on 64-bit Windows was not detected correctly
  • [WEB] Wrong number of images and backups was shown on public site



  • [WEB] Don't allow bad URLs in dynamic DNS anymore
  • [DLL] Backups will capture any folder that starts with "world" for Bukkit support
  • [WEB] Backup now button in server control
  • [WEB] Public website now features connection address, client url (if using snapshots) and list of players online (with their approximate locations).
  • [DLL] Ability to override java arguments with textfile in server folder
  • [DLL] Stop deleting "config" folder as doubt anyone is still on 0.2.3!


  • [WEB] Public website is a lot less crappy, not finished but not an eyesore.
  • [WEB] Web not sending proper parameters on creation of restart when free job
  • [DLL] Allow DB to increase in size beyond default 127MB
  • [APP] Button to truncate the logs if needed
  • [DLL] Catch errors in job engine ticker


  • [WEB] Option to enable/disable public website
  • [WEB] View, delete and add to white/ban lists
  • [WEB] Restart when free scheduled job
  • [WEB] Delete servers
  • [WEB] Delete world and optionally set a random seed
  • [APP] Job to clear backups once reached a certain age


  • [DLL] Biome Extractor isn't exiting properly if 1.1 client is installed so stop it running automatically


  • [WEB] fix inability to add bukkit in certain circumstances
  • [WEB] Scheduled jobs interface wasn't refreshing when deleting a job


  • [DLL] Trim log messages over 255 characters


  • [APP] Add backup external IP checker in case is down


  • [WEB] Dynamic DNS with address
  • [WEB] New connections tab shows what to send to your users so they can connect
  • [WEB] Display player position (slow update)
  • [WEB] Fix for repeating log entries when lots come in at once
  • [DLL] Change Bukkit and overviewer URLs
  • [APP] Reset ports button in updater
  • [DLL] Fix crash when user tries to log in twice


  • [WEB] Interface for creating and running multiple servers
  • [WEB] Right-click context menu for players (give, teleport, PM, ban etc)
  • [WEB] Buttons to toggle rain/snow and set time
  • [APP] Scheduled job to clear out old log data


  • [WEB] Allow turning off/on port forwarding and firewall opening
  • [WEB] Allow setting of Listen IP and port for Web interfaces
  • [WEB] Allow setting IP and port for MC Server
  • [DLL] Better reporting of player numbers
  • [WEB] Log out button
  • [WEB] Redesigned and refactored around jQuery web interface
  • [WEB] Creation and deletion of scheduled tasks through the interface


  • [DLL] Fix for world folder being in the wrong place.


  • [DLL] Detects a corrupted jar download and forces and re-download


  • [ALL] Add better handling of exceptions and logging to file (development branch emails errors)
  • [DLL] Opens ports on Windows firewall and closes them when done
  • [DLL] Attempts to port forward using UPnP (depends on router)
  • [WEB] Moving the scroll on any log away from the bottom stops auto-scroll, returning scroll to the bottom resumes auto-scrolling.
  • [DLL] Better handling if YAMS crashes but MC doesn't, will kill old processes left orphaned by a crash
  • [DLL] Updates for overviewer
  • [WEB] Chat tab was not showing messages from console
  • [WEB] Updates for playernames that have underscores and other characters
  • [APP] Shows if port forwards are working
  • [APP] Allows changing of admin and public ports
  • [DLL] Support for pre-release versions downloading, updating and switching between beta and pre
  • [WEB] Change settings in the


  • [DLL] Clears player list on crash
  • [APP] Better handling if Java not installed on setup
  • [WEB] Server page now has some styling, can navigate from home page to individual server pages
  • [WEB] Bukkit checkbox wasn't saving state
  • [DLL] Move configuration files out of ./config folder as a lot of bukkit plugins can't handle this
  • [DLL] Show op users in player list
  • [DLL] Catch and store the game mode (creative/survival)
  • [DLL] Updates to the way files are downloaded from the net and better crash handling in this area
  • [DLL] Allow updating and addition of extra dlls as program expands and for security updates


  • [DLL] Support for latest Overviewer (0.1.4) and 32/64-bit detection
  • [WEB] Will not request an update for the consoles if there is already one in place
  • [APP] Update all third party apps to latest
  • [DLL] Outputs from apps go to server's log, not global
  • [ALL] Sane version numbers
  • [DLL] Detect a server crash (i.e. non-safe process exit) and restart
  • [DLL] Copes better if admin port is in use (likely during a service restart)
  • [DLL] Potential support for tectonicus but needs a 3D device on the server
  • [WEB] Add default "admin" username to login screen
  • [DLL] Catch odd date returns in last modified field (coming from
  • [WEB] Show VM and RAM usage
  • [WEB] Change MOTD


  • First publicly available version.
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