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Creates a printable reference card from your Elite: Dangerous controller bindings
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Reference sheets

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Elite: Dangerous has a great many command bindings to learn. To help with that, EDFRefCard generates a printable reference card from your Elite: Dangerous bindings file.

Currently hosted at


  • Python 3.6 or later

    • Python3 module lxml
    • Python3 module wand
    • Python3 module pytest
    • Python3 module pytest-cov
    • Python3 module coveralls
  • ImageMagick v6 (at the time of writing python wand doesn't support ImageMagick v7)

    • you may need to configure the MAGICK_HOME env var to get wand to see the ImageMagick libraries.

Installation in a web server

  • Base the server on the www subdirectory of this repo.
  • Check that your server is supplying the env vars CONTEXT_DOCUMENT_ROOT and SCRIPT_URI so that Config.dirRoot and Config.webRoot in www/scripts/ get set correctly. Apache 2 does this by default. Python's cgi.test() is useful here.
  • Add redirects as follows (in Apache 2 notation):
RewriteRule ^/list$ /scripts/
RewriteRule ^/binds/(.+)$ /scripts/$1
RewriteRule ^/configs/([a-z][a-z])([^/]+)$ /configs/$1/$1$2
RewriteRule ^/devices$ /scripts/
RewriteRule ^/device/(.+)$ /scripts/$1
  • Certain web servers, including Apache 2 on Debian 9, are prone to set brain-dead IO encodings, such as ANSI_X3.4-1968. To fix this, add the following at the end of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf:


EDRefCard is derived with permission from code originally developed by CMDR jgm.

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