A transport protocol based on QQ messages.
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QDP (QQ-based Datagram Protocol)

QDP is a transport protocol based on QQ messages. It can transfer any binary data through QQ messages, and do the fragmentation and reassembly things automatically.

Currently, QDP is just a proof of concept. The transfer rate is very very low, which according to limited tests, is around 20~30 Kbps (at 5 msg/s).

In QDP, QQ number is used as something like IP address. The concept "packet" is similar to the one in UDP, and "fragment" is similar to IP fragment.

This repo contains a rough implementation of QDP in Python, using "酷Q" and "CQHTTP" as it's underlying QQ bot framework. You can check the demo to see how the interfaces are.

To run the demos in this repo, you need to config CQHTTP as following:

use_ws = true
post_message_format = string
enable_rate_limited_actions = true
rate_limit_interval = 200