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📖 Release Notes


Nuxt stories module -- Painless (and now insanely fast) storybooking for Nuxt


  • Insanely fast configuration and usage (one install, one line in config, and you're good to go!)
  • Live markdown editing and previewing directly on the UI! Faster than Hot Module Reloading!
  • Stories that get written on the UI get auto saved back to the filesystem (local dev only)
  • Easily toggle the view mode in the stories header.
  • Instant compiling of vue components as you type them on the UI!
  • Ordering of stories using story frontMatter.
  • Instant updating of table of contents as you type the headers
  • Auto importing of components. Just place components in your components directory and just use them!
  • Vue in Markdown or Markdown in Vue! You're in complete control! (I prefer Vue-in-Markdown ;))
  • Emoji support! Don't believe it? Just look at this bulleted list!
  • Built-in json viewer. Just type <json :data="[your data]"/> to see the tree.
  • Dynamic import feature for rapidly importing components (v2.0.14+)
  • The perfect development tool for rapidly jotting down notes, gameplans, or even writing official documentation! Documentation that is also functional.
  • Built-in fetch. Quickly fetch on the client or server side, right in your story! (v2.0.13+)

(Demonstration video placeholder)


See it in ACTION: DEMO (Ctrl+Click for new tab)


  1. Add nuxt-stories dependency to your project
yarn add --dev nuxt-stories # or npm i -D nuxt-stories

You may also need to install the following deps if they didn't get installed when you first created your nuxt app:

npm i -D glob pify @nuxt/utils bootstrap bootstrap-vue dompurify gently-copy gray-matter highlight.js marked nuxt-socket-io node-sass sass-loader

After installing, a postinstall script will run to "gently copy" sample stories, assets, and layout(s) to your workspace to get you setup asap. It will also create a "components" directory if it doesn't already exist.

  1. Add nuxt-stories to the buildModules section of nuxt.config.js
  buildModules: [
  stories: {
    /* stories options here */

Also make sure you have Vuex enabled the "Nuxt way", since nuxt-stories will register a vuex module for persisting stories, table of contents and selected view mode. After you install nuxt-stories, a postinstall script will automatically try to create the following for you, if your store hasn't yet been enabled:


export const state = () => ({})

If this already exists, it won't get overwritten.

  1. There is no step 3! You're good to go! Try it out!
npm run dev

Then view your stories running on your local dev server: http://localhost:3000/stories

All the stories that you edit there will get auto saved back to [project root]/stories/[language]. Read on to learn more. More explanation will follow.