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copyleft-next is a new, post-post-modern, non-weak copyleft license inspired by, though different from, the GNU GPL.

Contributions of patches, ideas, and criticism are welcome (see the file for more information). In particular, the Copyleft-Next Project actively seeks the participation of open source/free software project developers who may not have considered helping with license drafting before. License drafting is fundamentally about establishing policies for projects, and therefore input from developers of the highest value.

Numbered releases of copyleft-next are stored in the Releases directory. A draft of copyleft-next is maintained in the Drafts directory.

The Copyleft-Next Project is not an effort endorsed by the Free Software Foundation or the GNU Project. It is is also not an effort associated in any way with the past or current employer of any participant. Contributors are expected and assumed to participate in their individual capacity.