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Here you'll find various RaspberryPi related projcts:

ServoBlaster: A kernel driver that lets you control 8 (or more) servos from your RaspberryPi.

Panalyzer: A Pi based Logic Analyzer. This can be found in a separate repository alongside this one, but is mentioned here for completeness.

PiFmDma: A Version of the FM Transmitter software that uses DMA for improved quality and much reduced CPU load. NOTE: Do not use this code unless you understand what it does, what FM frequencies it might interfere with, what is and is not legal in your country, etc.

MouseScan: Code to turn the sensor in an optical mouse in to a very crude hand held scanner.

MPU6050-Pi-Demo: Code to drive an MPU6050 accelerometer/gyroscope via I2C from the RaspberryPi.