FotoLogger is an iOS app, written in Swift 3, that captures photos and associated information for mobile professionals. FotoLogger uses Firebase as its backend service.
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##FotoLogger## FotoLogger is available (for free) on the App Store.

FotoLogger logo

##Description## FotoLogger is an iOS app, developed in Swift 3.0, for mobile professionals who want to log their photos, capture key information such as title, description, date of shoot, and the location the shoot took place, and share information with colleagues and clients.

The user can edit the post title and description after the post is made and can share the post image and its associated information using email, text, Twitter and Facebook. ##Dependencies##

FotoLogger is written in Swift 3.

Firebase is the backend service for the database, image storage, and user authentication (with email login, Twitter and Facebook).

The font used in FotoLogger is Google Font, NotoSans.

The following CocoaPods are used in the distributed code:

  • Bolts (Facebook)

  • Crashlytics

  • DZNEmptyDataSet

  • Fabric

  • FBSDKCoreKit (Facebook)

  • FBSDKLoginKit (Facebook)

  • Firebase

  • Firebase Analytics

  • FirebaseDatabase

  • FirebaseInstanceID

  • FirebaseStorage

  • GoogleInterchangeUtilities

  • GoogleNetworkingUtilities

  • GoogleSymnolUtilities

  • GoogleUtilities

  • SVProgressHUD

  • TwitterCore

  • TwitterKit


Thank you to Giorgio Natili, Brian Voong, and Mark Murray for their assistance building FotoLogger.

##Author## You can find the author at his website :: Richard Martin

##License## FotoLogger is available under the MIT license.