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index.html blog post about AD landscape

ad_landcape is a javascript repo for the visualization of the autonomous driving landscape using D3's Forced Directed Graph.

Screen shot of the graph


We created this visualization for a blog post within our blog about AI, robotics & entrepreneurship. We encode relations between entities (companies) as an undirected graph using different types of relations and hyperlinks on the relations for linking our information sources.


  • Define your graph relations in json-js-format and put them in /data. In our case these are the files companies.js and relations.js. We provided a Python script to convert a csv file into javascript jsons.
  • Modify /assets/js/landscape.js to accommodate your graph sources. There are plenty of modifications commented out which you may want to use and play around with.
  • If you would like your nodes with images inside put all the images into assets/images/icons and modify landscape.js.
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