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[Outputtype("None", "Microsoft.Management.Infrastructure.CimInstance#VpnAuthProtocol")]
[Parameter(Position = 0, ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName, HelpMessage = "Enter the name of the remote RRAS server.")]
[string[]]$Computername = $env:computername,
[Parameter(Position = 1, Mandatory, HelpMessage = "Enter the root certificate thumbprint to use for the VPN connection. This should be a certificate found in CERT:\LocalMachine\Root.", ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName)]
#The hash value must be 40 characters long
[ValidateScript( { $_.length -eq 40 })]
[Parameter(HelpMessage = "Enter an optional credential in the form domain\username or machine\username")]
[ValidateSet('Default', 'Basic', 'Credssp', 'Digest', 'Kerberos', 'Negotiate', 'NegotiateWithImplicitCredential')]
[string]$Authentication = "default",
Begin {
Write-Verbose "Starting $($myinvocation.mycommand)"
#display some meta information for troubleshooting
Write-Verbose "PowerShell version: $($psversiontable.psversion)"
Write-Verbose "Operating System: $((Get-Ciminstance -class win32_operatingsystem -property caption).caption)"
$sb = {
Param([string]$Thumbprint, [bool]$Restart, [bool]$Passthru)
Try {
$VerbosePreference = $using:verbosepreference
catch {
Write-Verbose "Using local Verbose preference"
Try {
$whatifpreference = $using:whatifpreference
Catch {
Write-Verbose "Using local Whatif preference"
Write-Verbose "WhatIf = $whatifpreference"
Write-verbose "Verbose = $VerbosePreference"
Write-Verbose "Retrieving certificate with a thumbprint of $Thumbprint"
$RootCACert = (Get-ChildItem -Path cert:\LocalMachine\root | Where-Object { $_.Thumbprint -eq $Thumbprint })
if ($RootCACert) {
Write-Verbose "Setting IKEv2 root certificate using certificate thumbprint $thumbprint."
$setParams = @{
RootCertificateNameToAccept = $RootCACert
Passthru = $Passthru
ErrorAction = "Stop"
$setParams | Out-String | Write-Verbose
Try {
Set-VpnAuthProtocol @setParams
Catch {
Write-Warning "Set-VpnAuthProtocol failed. $($_.exception.message)"
else {
Write-Warning "Failed to find a certificate with a thumbprint of $thumbprint."
#bail out of the command
if ($Restart -AND (-Not $whatifpreference)) {
Write-Verbose "Restarting RemoteAccess service on $env:Computername"
Restart-Service -name RemoteAccess -force -PassThru:$Passthru
else {
$msg = @"
You must restart the RemoteAccess service before any changes take effect.
PS C:\> Get-Service RemoteAccess -computername $env:computername | Restart-Service -force
Or use PowerShell Remoting:
PS C:\> invoke-command {Restart-Service RemoteAccess -force} -computername $env:computername
Write-Warning $msg
} #close scriptblock
#define a set of parameter values to splat to Invoke-Command
$icmParams = @{
Scriptblock = $sb
ArgumentList = ""
ErrorAction = "Stop"
} #Begin
Process {
foreach ($computer in $computername) {
$icmParams.ArgumentList = @($Thumbprint, $restart, $passthru)
#only use -Computername if querying a remote computer
if ($Computername -ne $env:computername) {
Write-Verbose "Using remote parameters"
$icmParams.Computername = $computer
$icmParams.HideComputername = $True
$icmParams.Authentication = $Authentication
if ($pscredential.username) {
Write-Verbose "Adding an alternate credential for $($pscredential.username)"
$icmParams.Add("Credential", $PSCredential)
if ($UseSSL) {
Write-Verbose "Using SSL"
$icmParams.Add("UseSSL", $True)
Write-Verbose "Using $Authentication authentication."
$icmParams | Out-String | Write-verbose
Write-Verbose "Modifying $($computer.toUpper())"
Try {
#display result without the runspace ID
Invoke-Command @icmParams | Select-Object -Property * -ExcludeProperty RunspaceID, *PSComputer*
Catch {
Throw $_
} #foreeach
} #process
End {
Write-Verbose "Ending $($myinvocation.MyCommand)"
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