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Welcome to the Lupa wiki!

Lupa is an object-oriented language which targets the LuaJIT2 VM. It supports a rich feature set inspired by Ruby (property access via methods), Scala (operators are methods, traits), Perl 6 (has, method, does) and Falcon.

It also has some less commonly found features, such as parsing expression grammars (via LPeg) integrated into the language (instead of the traditional PCRE), and type guards.

Here's a sample:

trait Pet[T] {
  // parameterised traits with lexical scoping
  has size : T 
class Mammal {
  has blood = "warm"

trait Named {
  // default property values are lazy expressions
  has name = error("A pet needs a name!")
// single inheritance with trait mixins
class Hamster from Mammal with Pet[Number], Named {

  // default initializer
  method init(name) {
    self.size = 42
    .name = name // short for self.name = name

  method greet(whom : String) {
    // string interpolation
    print("Hi ${whom}, I am ${.name}!")

  // class bodies have lexical scope
  var numbers = [ "one", "two", "three", "four", "five" ]

  method count(upto) {
    // short functions
    upto.times((_) => { print(numbers[_]) })

    // same thing, but `times' as infix operator
    upto times => print(numbers[_])

var rudy = Hamster.new("Rudy")

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