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Short Description

This is a very simple implementation of a question filter. It allows questions to be inserted anywhere in Moodle editable text.

Long Description

A simple implementation of a text filter for Moodle.

In this version the user places special codes within text anywhere in Moodle which can then be replaced by a link to a question number in the database.

The code is of the form {{QUESTION:linktext|xxx|display}} where xxx is the question id number and display is the display mode (embed or popup).

The plugin moodle_atto_question allows a teacher to insert the question codes via a button which triggers a dialog box.

You can find the question number by looking at the questions in your question bank. Click the preview question link and look in the URL, the first id is the question's id number.

Question number xxx is replaced by a simple encryption technique such that the original id number is not displayed by preview.php.


1.5.3 still in beta testing, help welcome.


The start and end tags are configurable as is the link text length. The question can be displayed as a popup or within an iframe embedded in a hidden div - the size of the iframe is configurable.

You can change the encryption key. Be sure to use only alphabetical characters and spaces.


Documentation and screenshots at *Select "Open courses" icon on front page *Click "Simple Question Demonstration" *Login as guest

Known bugs, Todos

Will not work with some advanced question types yet such as drag and drop.

Questions and suggestions

Richard Jones Karapiro Village New Zealand November 2017


Tested in Moodle 3.3 and 3.4 Tested on Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers Debian Stretch, Apache2, PHP 7.1, Postgres 9.2. Tracker:

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