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HTMLCOIN Frequently Asked Questions

  • Anyone interested in forking my repo and work on it, please work on the dev or create a new branch after the fork and work on it. This page gets updated quite frequently and it can take longer time for me to review your pull request. new branch should be <your-github-username>_dev For exmaple: richardjoo_dev. Thanks!
  • If any pull request was made to the master, it might not be approved.
  • Please make sure to update the fork before you update if you are planning on merging
  • If you want to update continuously, please let me know, I can add you as a collaborator.

Table of contents


Yobit 1:1 swap has ended as of 2018-02-12!

1 - 60 1:1 2018-02-12
61 - 90 1:2 2018-03-12
91 - 105 1:3 2018-03-27
106 End of Swap

Wallet v. has been released!

Proof Of Mass Adoption

What is PoMA?

  • PoMA stands for Proof of Mass Adoption


  • When we have both the store of value and smart contract/commercial features of the two 'coin families', we have the ability to grow a new and very broad group of users for the coin and its wallet (store of value), and then begin to introduce interesting services to a growing marketplace.

  • This is where our philosophy is different to many platform coins, who are focussed on creating a place for businesses. We don't disagree with this at all, but where we are with the blockchain industry at the moment we need both adoption and cool services, on mobiles and PC's. We believe most people in our industry target one or the other, and not both.

  • Over the next months (and years), you will see the foundation encourage and promote projects which do both.

    1. Broad adoption with a coin that is easy to use and doesnt scare away new users.
    2. Real services, and things which our growing community of users can easily access.
  • We will have many cool and complex services (we are talking to a number of third parties), but what we want to do is create the market for many of our partners who chose to build services on HTML..... we believe too many coin platforms aren't making crypto accessible enough.

  • Blockchain isnt magic, it needs to be utility for the real world.

Does anyone know a date for poma?

  • beta testing starts this quarter, full release Q2




  • Old Coin = HTML5
  • New Coin = HTML
  • Bleutrade = new coin
  • Yobit = SUCKS and has an old coin
  • Tradesatoshi = has both new and old coin, the old coin will close around January 10th, 2018
  • Can I send HTML5 to HTML coin?
    • no you cannot. You will lose your coins permanently.


  1. Why BitCoin Going So High in price ? - Because it has best Blockchain Algorithm in the world
  2. Why Ethereum Price is Going Higher? - Because it can handle smart Contracts and ICOs
  3. Why Qtum is valued as Emerging BEST Crypto? - Because it is Crypto for Business and Mobile Devices
  4. Why RIPPLE Gone So High being 100Billion Coins? - Because it is Designed for Business and Banks
  • Why HTMLcoin is Going to Go Higher than Expected ?
    • Because it has got All of the Above FEATURES !!


Answered by SimonT

  • Portability through using the ether client: most developers have learnt on the biggest platform, ethereum, and the tools have been developed for ether. Whereas neo and many other dap/token platforms have their own comparability requirements, anything written for ether can be quickly ported to HTML very simply. Html uses the ether client, simple.

  • Stability. HTML replaces the ether-go network/Blockchain layer with a current, proven and robust bitcoin core one. Bitcoin core include the unspent transaction output model (UTXO) which is a whole lot more flexible than the legacy ether account approach.

  • Security. No 51% attacks here!!! We use realtime checkpointing which locks our Blockchain and protects it from replay attacks. I don't think any of the smart contract/dap platform coins have this at the moment although we haven't had a spate of consensus attacks for 18 months now, with values the way they are we can't be too safe.

  • Speed. We run both PoW and PoS to secure the network and make it faster. They both run a 2 minute blocktime, but 1 minute out of sync giving a net 60 second blocktime. This gives us the 3-20 second transaction times we currently enjoy as well as 60 second confirmations.

  • Open source bitcoin and ether : sharing much of bitcoincore with many other projects we get to leverage all the bitcoin improvements (BIP) which give us these great wallets and roadmap for lightning and other cool stuff. We also don't hide the fact we track qtum for a lot of our features and although there's still a lot of work to adapt things for us, the challenges are quantifiable and mean we get to share all the latest and greatest bitcoin core open source features. From an ether client perspective we can run all the open source projects in the state of the daps libraries.

Answered by Arturo

  • The new HTMLcoin is not just a cryptocurrency but a new secure sha256d blockchain based on a fully integrated Bitcoin Core and Ethereum cpp client codebase, to deliver Smart Contracts and Distributed Applications (DAPPS). It implements an extendable design which is capable of adding more virtual machines (VM), enabled through an Account Abstraction Layer, which allows an account based VM to function on a Bitcoin UTXO based Blockchain. We have the strength of Bitcoin and features of Ethereum on one platform.

  • Another way of describing it is that we are moving from an older Blockchain to a new one which is based on bitcoin core 0.14 (csv/segwit) with the ethereum client c++ codebase integrated on top. We have the best of both worlds on one blockchain.

  • As well as being a coin, HTMLCOIN will be the gateway to buying tokens from dapps and smart contracts on the HTMLCOIN blockchain where it will can also be exchanged for the gas required to drive smart contracts.

  • The HTMLcoin Foundation is developing key use cases to show the capabilities of the platform where decentralized technologies using cryptocurrencies and distributed applications can bring innovation to large economic groups and communities across the globe. We are working with a number of partners and startups across the globe to join our Blockchain, for their crowdfunding and final deployed services.

  • The features of HTMLCoin include:

    • Double SHA256: is used by Bitcoin and other established blockchains to provide a secure and provens cryptographic wrap for HTMLCOIN.
    • Real Time Checkpointing: Protects the history of the chain from being changed by 51% attacks, and broadcasts block height and hash of the main chain that cannot be overwritten.
    • Enhanced Hash Rate Compensation: Adjusts every 120 blocks but with short, medium and long block time samples to average out the adjust and apply 25% damping to the result.
    • Hybrid Bitcoin / Ethereum: Uses both the Bitcoin and Ethereum codebase combining Bitcoin with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machines).
    • Smart Contracts: Protocol to facilitate, verify or enforce negotiation or performance of a contract.
    • Simple Payment Verification: Execute smart contracts from lite wallets.
    • Decentralized Applications and distributed computing platform: The new HTMLCoin network will to be able to create smart contracts and other more fully fledged complex EVM apps.
    • Account Abstraction Layer: extension to Bitcoins ‘Script’ language, sits between the blockchain and EVM and allows decentralised applications and smart contracts to run in environments that were not possible before.

why is this coin unique guys/ The supply is huge

  • Answered by SimonT
    • Supply is irrelevent, but based on the old coin we have swapped from.
    • HTML5 was a legacy bitcoin clone blockchain. HTML is a new hybrid blockchain for tokens, smart contracts, daps and ether virtual machines. A pos/pow hybrid combination of a bitcoin core network and ether client with HTML being the primary currency to pay for gas and other services.

Can you guess how much this coin will be?

  • by SimonT

    No one in the HTML team can guess. The same goes for all coin teams.

    This is because we do not sell the coin. We only support the network s/w it uses. You guys buy the coins from each other on the exchanges and it may surprise you to know the foundation and dev team doesn't benefit from your transactions with each other.

    I do say this with some irony, but many people still don't understand this simple fact and expect a coin dev team to have a level of control over price. It simply isn't true.

    If it is true, then you aren't buying something that is a decentralised technology and should walk away :-)

    Also, if we did recommend you buy from each other or participate in selling then:

    1. that makes us financial advisers. Something we are not qualified for and we aren't going to jail
    2. that makes HTML a security. Something we are not licensed for. Again, that puts us in jail.

    But, we aren't going to jail. We are just going to build superlative Blockchain network software for GitHub which you happy people will use for whatever purpose you deem it suitable :-)

    I hope this helps clarify why we skip around any questions of price or value.

Is there a plan to lock an amount of coins like ripple did? I guess thats not bad depending on what you find after the 106 days audit I guess

  • The foundation and dev premine is already kept away from staking in cold storage. Once we audit the swap totals we will publish our plans

What is 51% attack?

Seeing an extreme amount of "this is good, lets lambo boys" posts here, i Love HTML but would like to know the drawbacks. What's holding us back and What are the potential risks within the coins future?

  • Answered by SimonT

    Great question.

    Firstly, we are here for the long run and you won't see any lambo, or buy signals from the core team. We intend to be compliant with all upcoming rules and regulations on crypto and securities. In fact, we see the foundation as a software company. We build and mainaint the software which is used to run the decentralised blockchain and all its features. The foundation sells nothing, and has nothing to do with the exchnage actiivities.

    As i mentioned, the Foundation is not driven by the price on the exchanges, but building great software to encourage the adoption od decentralised blockchain technology. Our approach is more than many platform coins in so much as we arent looking for projects to land on our chain, fire up a token an generate business for themselves..... what we are doing is using the value transfer (bitcoin) capabilites of the blockchain to drive very broad (horizontal) adoption in both commercial and private use. This is what the POMA programme is about.

    As we grow the basic adoption of an easy to use technology with the desktop and soon to arrive mobile wallets, we then have a community of platform users who can start to use the blockchain for other things. These things will use daps, smart contracts and other technologues to provide richer and more disruptive (vertical) solutions.

    Why are we taking this approach ?

    Speed, pace and relevence. What we observed is a lot of great platform blockchains growing, which then host projects which seem to be expected to bring their own user base. The projects don't seem to connect with the users of the blockchains...... which confuses us. A blockchain is not like a cloud computing platform, its a community that chose to use a decentralised value transfer platform which can deliver decentralised applications (relevent to their worlds)

    What is holding us back ?

    This is a personal view, and not the official line. At the moment, we need to regroup and focus on features and growth. We (the core team) need to consider the bigger picture with a complete economic model of growth and adoption and get building. We do have full time developers in the team, and POMA has been in development for a long time, so the challenge is keeping this relevent and establshing the campaigns.

    Are there any blockers. Right now, i don't think so. Look how far we've come since we started in September. I think the singel biggest issue is an industry one, and its the arrival of likely regualtion. We take the recent SEC rulings very seriously, and so do the exchnages that make an important part of the eco-system. This means the community needs to behave in an exempelary manner for us to get listed. The exchnages we have applied to are watching, and completing their due dilligence and decisions based on our innovation/projects, our likely growth, the health of our coin (stable and non-pumped) and quality/participation of the community in achieving our stated goal of mass adoption of blockchain.

    What are the primary risks ? personally:

    1. We support good regulation, but not regulation that hampers decentralised blokchain.
    2. Dominance of bitcoin and its politcs. For me, this casts a shadow across our inidustry. Bitcoin has no roadmap, no strategy and no architectural consensus. I mean, they still haven't tuly deployed satoshi's original white paper. The constant infighting and techical politics is destroying value, destroying the environment and making fools of us. As an alt-coin, the impact of bitcoin is that it destabilises the adoption of alternative and better technologies, whilst people look for free money and move in/out of it.
    3. Time and workload. You will see a lot from this team, more than its size suggests. We have and use an extensive network of friends and dev teams, but whatever we do you guys will want it last week, and if we slip by a few days we know you will be upset. But, this is sotware development and we are a software delivery team. It is what it is, and it takes as long as it takes. Quality is everything !

    Finally, and everyone asks this. The devs are a team. We are going nowhere except here. Yes its been a bumpy ride, but we've stuck it out and are pleased to have develop a reputation for honesty, transparency and persistence. We like this community, we like the arguments, we like the trolls and we like learning together.

    Yes wedo help our friends in other projects, but they have helped us. Its the way it all works. 2018 will be an interesting year for blockchain, we can do some cool stuff, and make decentralisation start to happen like we promised. Lets have some fun and change things.

HTML DEVs must be rich!

  • Answered by SimonT

    Transparency => No 'rich devs' trading. Personally I sold a couple of million a few weeks ago to pay for Xmas for my family who I've spent months neglecting. Since then I invested more btc which I earned advising in other projects and bought in at 21 sats yesterday.

    The devs are bound by the rules of the foundation and we cannot encourage people to buy or sell HTML, but you can rest assured personally we are too busy with the project to participate in any day trading, also the dev team have a reputation to maintain and have no intention of destabilising the economics of the project whilst it is finding its market and support levels.

    There is simply too much in the pipeline and we aren't going to ruin the work we are doing for short term and personal gain.

How far is tech from qtum as suppoman mentioned? Hybrid etc

  • Answered by SimonT

    Our tech is the same as Qtum.

    We both use the identical Ether Cpp client, pretty much unchanged. This is why we are both compatible with ether dapps.

    We both use the same bitcoincore layer, but our supply is different so there are some changes to accomodate this.

    QTUM runs POS3.0 with a blocktime of 120 seconds. HTML runs POS3.0 with a blocktime of 120 seconds, but we alo run POW (mining) with a blocktime of 120 seconds. We run the POS & POW 60 seconds out of sequence. This gives us an effective blocktime of 60 seconds.

    HTML also has realtime checkpointing. This ensures the blockchain cannot be opened up in a 51% attack.

    There are a number of other subtle differences (EHRC) but these are all in the chain/network layer and do not impact the features.... maybe @bushstar will jump here and correct me, but unless you are an ultra geek this is a fair summary. Speed and security.

@DadOnASkateboard Simon yesterday someone was saying o reddit we are just a qtum copy. Can I get an official response to the differences, advantages and disadvantages so I can go out there and spread accurate facts?

  • Answered by SimonT

    Good question, and we get this one all the time ….. and it frustrated me, but lets talk about it.

    By training I am an engineer, so lets paint a picture.

    A company has a great idea and product. They use various flavours of that product to meet the needs of different markets. Like the VW Golf, the Audi A3, Seat Leon and Soda Octavia. These are all the same vehicle but designed for different markets and different consumers. People always build on the best platform ….. even Elon Musk started with the Tesla Roadster, an undisguised Lotus Elise with electric motors.

    All markets are the same. In the world of crypto our platform products are

    1. Bitcoin - BTC
    2. Cryptonote - BCN
    3. NExtCoin - NXT
    4. Ripple - XRP Everything has pretty much grown from these base network layers, and core frameworks. See this excellent site for information http://mapofcoins.com/

    The reason crypto has grown and innovated so quickly, is that we all contribute our base code to the world of open source. This means everything can be built on the last best thing…. And we have a huge library of building blocks (Github) to build from.

    None of the coins people think are unique, are unique. Everything is pretty much based on something else with a few tweaks and changes. To evolve a new technology takes a lot of money and years of development…. And you wouldn’t want to make that open source.

    Not using open source leaves you with products like SAP/Oracle which are proprietary and cannot meet the demands of an increasingly sophisticated consumer.

    if a project took the work of the bitcoincore programme (7 years of unceasing development by hundreds of devs) and added the ether client (4 years of unceasing work by he ethereum foundation), but through an ICO were first to market by spending time and money contributing dev scripts and integration layer for the two to the open source libraries, would that make it a unique product. No it wouldn’t. Would it make it an admirable and innovative thread of the story of bitcoin. Sure as hell it would. This is the QTUM programme and they’ve done a great job.

    So what happens next ? Does all work on that thread of Bitcoin stop because QTUM made it open source ? No. Another project comes along, helps debug the product and begins to add its own flavours. The project isn’t a multi-million dollar ICO, its a volunteer programme of blockchain evangelists, developers and a large community who want to make the product suitable for their needs.

    This is HTML. Yes we forked bitcoincore 0.14, ether CPP and QTUM libraries. Its all there on GITHUB. And we added a number of our own features. Many are subtle, but we want speed and security…… the primary changes are: Consensus - we use POW and POS3.0 to mitigate against a 51% attack by either consensus approach. Its simply more difficult. Speed - we run POW and POS at 2 minute intervals, 60 seconds out of sync. Our block time is 60 seconds and we are 50% quicker Security - we use realtime checkpointing - this ensures our chain cannot be opened up by a replay attack. Something that plagued POS coins in 2016/2017. In fact Peter Bushnell re-wrote the open source realtime checkpointing libraries for bitcoincore 0.14, for HTML, so other coins can pick this up as they upgrade.

    Has anyone forked HTML yet. Yes, I believe they have. Good luck to them. If they get stuck, they’ll ask questions….. oooh I can see on my git feed that they already have !… good.

    So to answer the question. Is HTMLCOIN a copy of QTUM. No it isn’t. Are QTUM and HTML the same. No they aren’t. Are QTUM and HTML related ? Of course they are… Do we give credit to QTUM ? Of course we do. And Vitalik and Satoshi, and all the other devs.

    Its such a silly question. Its like saying Red Bull is a rubbish F1 team because they use Renault engines, the same as the Renault F1 team.

    And this also brings me back to the point in the interview. In Blockchain there is no competition. Theres only collaboration, its called open source and its on GitHub. The HTML dev team help other projects, other projects help us. End of.

    If anyone says things are just a copy, point them back to the map of coins site. Theres a lot of cost and work to build a blockchain, even without changing the core design, and we all evolve things. Anyone who says this quite simply doesn’t understand the technology, has never worked in a project and is certainly not a developer of any note. Coin envy is not a nice thing and does not represent the philosophy or ethos of open source public blockchain. Its simple ignorance.

    Rant over.

Somone was disappointed with the news

  • Answered by SimonT

    So, have you read the titanium white paper yet ? Have you seen how they are looking to disrupt infrastructure services..... they are based on the experience of an existing company with a significant customer base, tackling one of the real world challenges in decentralising the management of virtualised infrastructure.

    Its ambitious, but this is not a group of rookies. I worked in the same company as Michael back in the 1990's when he established much of the infrastructure I used in EDS datacentres....... you may view him as a celeb, the reality is he has more operational IT experience than most in our business and with his existing and succesful company (EHI) can deliver the things they discuss. They know their industry. End of.

    So, before you judge this, take a look at the Titanium whitepaper and consider how HTML and its team of developers (may of which like myself have been doing this since the 1980's), can work with Titanium to make this happen. This is the large, complex and transformative technology we want to work on. Just like POMA.

Hey Simon, same question as Michael, since he didn't answer it. "Did you and Simon discussed any real goals for the partnership? i understand you may not able to go into specifics but if you can outline the general areas you'd be working on that would at least be something for us to chew on. Thanks."

  • Answered by SimonT

    Missed the question, just woke up.....

    If anyone has read and considered the white paper I think you can establish you own view.

    This is mine, and I’m sure @MichaelStollaire will correct me if I’m wrong.

    At the moment there are lots of really great infrastructure services capabilities across both traditional cloud and decentralised services.

    My view is that titaniums yep is bringing the decentralised services and technologies together from a number of platforms to offer a real alternative to the current ‘enterprise’ strength cloud/virtualisation world.

    My aha moment came when I read the paper back to front with page 30 and the possible partners.

    This is complex, will be a suite of services and take time to achieve .... but As michaels company (EHI) are well known consultants in the virtualisation world he knows where it works, where it doesn’t and where to start.

    Although his team have masses of experience, the job needs influence and support from across the industry to make it happen and as we have an ethereum compatible (but less bloated, faster and with a large network in place) we have discussed how we can use they html blockchain as a part of the jigsaw. Don’t forget we can run all the evm’s dapps and smart contracts which drive services like sia, storj, golem etc. And we also have an experienced and professional team of ‘robust’ developers.

    So to date, we have had several conversations at the leadership and technology team levels as to how much they can use our blockchain for part of the jigsaw and how much tech support we can offer to help design and construct.

    Once Michael and the team assemble enough parts of the jigsaw and lay out their detailed build plans, we will bend over backwards to help them out..... but this is something that takes time.

    In my enterprise compute brain, titanium is a decentralised orchestration layer for a decentralised computing platform. Read page 30 of their white paper and you realise how, at it’s core, it’s such a simple but powerful idea..... like all the best ones are.

    I am very happy to be corrected in these assertions of what titanium intends to achieve by @michaelstollaire, but you can be sure the html team want to play in this is we can achieve more decentralisation, efficiency and mass adoption through this project.

    Secondly, from a personal level let’s not underestimate michaels impact as an ambassador for html and his support in us getting the footprint growth across exchanges and other services. He’s been here before and his help is welcome.

I watched the video with Michael. He is an awesome personality. I'm glad we are in his alliance. However can anyone answer the question on how technically they would be able to use html?

  • Answered by SimonT
    1. HTML runs the ether client, but faster and more securely than ether
    2. The HTMLCOIN bockchain can run decentralised apps (daps), smart contracts and tokens like ether
    3. TBIS can build their daps and smart contracts on to the HTMLCOIN blockchain
    4. HTMLCOIN will be required to buy gas to drive the smart contracts and daps for TBIS

Yes thank you Simon. It just seems to me that Michael is looking for something for html to develop that it doesn't have yet and then it will work in his system, do you know what he is referring to?

  • Answered by SimonT

    Not quite, we already have what he needs.... there may be some small changes but what we do have is a clean, simple, fast and secure blockchain which saves him having to build his own or squeeze onto ethereum...... this is all up for negoation and discussion. Its a great technology looking for good business.

Is HTMLCOIN blockchain can guarantee incident like CryptoKittens won't happen? When the traffic increases and many tokens starting to use this blockchain, what will happen?

  • Answered by SimonT

    We will be starting the foundation goverence shortly. but you are quite right.... this could cause an issue but there are elements of our gas model which could be used to make certain activities more difficult. it's something for us to monitor and understand.

Why don't we see much activities on HTMLCOIN github?

  • This was answered by Simon on January 24th, 2018 at Korean community
  • Answered by SimonT

    as a principle, we keep the repo clean

    once a month Peter drops his update into the live repo

    this is because there may be adjustmentss to the network, don;t forget there are parametesrs we can change

    but he will do an update every month

    the mobile wallets:

    are being build in a private repo at the moment by a team in portugal who have built many wallets. As you are aware, we are taking the qtum spv wallets as our basic version and making changes/corrections

    Rumi (Choi): Simon, you mean one person(Peter) is exclusively reponsible for Github update?

    these are in alpha at the moment for android, and a couple of people are trying them as of today. There is some push api's that still need to be finished ut these are being sorted now.... i'm and apple fanboi so i don;t get to play with the android 😞

    tomorrow Vu Do (the dev dealing with this partiocular bit of work) will be skinnging the IOS wallets with the new look/feel given to us by the marketing team

    my sense is that we will be in beta for android in 2-3 weeks and once we are happy that is stable pushing out to the stores in late feb/early march .....

    IOS will take a little longer as the testing needs an opened phone, and we need to submit it to apple for verification.... they really don;t like crypto, so we need to present it as a smart contracting tool

    yes, with htmlcoin. smart contracts and tokens .... like the QT wallet

    my adivce to everyone is always only keep a small portion of your crypto in your mobile. ITs easy to lose, and the mobile OS is inherently unstable and can easily break your crypto !!!

    and POMA

    POMA, freelancer, medical devices, gaming etc etc etc are an external project, and not currently part of the foundation so they will not appear on the foundation GIT account. When we finish those, the non-preparatory elements of those will go on GIT

    We arent hiding anything, but thimgs lke payment gateways are not ours to share on GIT.

    does this help everyone ??? and please don;t worry about GIT.... GIT is a snapshot of the live service, not a working area. Behind our live GIT repostories there are a number of provate/hiddne libraries where all the work happens.


HTMLCoin Official Whitepaper


swap dates

1 - 60 1:1 2018-02-12
61 - 90 1:2 2018-03-12
91 - 105 1:3 2018-03-27
106 End of Swap

Yobit swap process

  • there is a pdf file
  • also this
    • 6 Step easy to swap
      • Download desktop wallet new HTML v2.0.0.4
      • Make a new HTMLcoin v2.0.0.4 address on menu request payment
      • Fill the form Copy and paste the new wallet address,email and submit
      • After submit you will get old HTML5 address
      • Open Yobit / HTML5 coin wallet and do the withdraw, sent it to address you get in step number 4
      • Just wait swap process
        • This process has a human labor.
        • It can take up to 72 hours after you send HTML5 to the swap address to process your swap transaction. If it has been more than 72 hours, please contact us via email at dev@htmlcoin.team
  • Yobit Swap youtube guide

I moved my html5 from yobit into my HTML wallet... I did this twice using the same payment address not knowing I needed to generate a new payment address... will this still go through?

  • Answered by @QuidProCrypto
    • You mean you sent two separate withdrawals from Yobit to the HTML5 address generated by the swap form? that’s perfectly fine, the HTML5 address is unique and will last as long as the swap form operates; you could send as many transactions as you want, and any transaction over 1 HTML5 will be swapped


  • Do you have an updated roadmap?
    • not yet, but we've been discussing internally and think we now know what is in/out of the foundation budget now. Expect an update to be isssued in the new year...... that said, we are working on the solo miner, explorer and API, android and ios wallets.... and going through the research/planning for lightning. (SimonT)


How do I update to

  • If you fnd any issues or error, please ask community.
  • Make sure to backup your wallet.dat to the multiple locations first!
  • download correct file from the site click this
  • Windows:
    • download v.
    • install on top of existing software.
  • Mac:
    • download the v. dmg file
    • double click the .dmg file or click the dmg file from the browser download is completed
    • when the new Finder opens up with HTMLCOIN app, drag new wallet to Application folder
    • when prompted to replace, click replace
    • Open up the Finder, go to Applications
    • Right click on HTMLCOIN app
    • You will see the warning "HTMLCOIN is from an unidentified developer. Are you sure you want to open it?"
    • Click "OPEN"
    • Wait until sync.
    • You are good to go!
  • Linux: (untested and confirmed from other members)
    • cd to HTMLCOIN folder

    • git pull

    • follow the README instruction again to make file.

      • ./autogen.sh
      • ./configure
      • make -j2
    • I updated mine and worked just fine

        rjoo@htmlcoin-miner:~/HTMLCOIN$ src/htmlcoin-cli getinfo
          "version": 2000201,
          "protocolversion": 70002,
          "walletversion": 130000,
          "balance": 0.00000000,
          "stake": 0.00000000,
          "blocks": 103259,
          "timeoffset": 0,
          "connections": 1,
          "proxy": "",
          "difficulty": {
            "proof-of-work": 51.72773577691995,
            "proof-of-stake": 4909914730.290439
          "testnet": false,
          "moneysupply": 79928076250,
          "keypoololdest": 1512111373,
          "keypoolsize": 100,
          "paytxfee": 0.00000000,
          "relayfee": 0.00400000,
          "errors": ""

My wallet is not synchronizing! Stuck with 0 connections and nothing works. What should I do?

  • John R (bonchien), [Jan 5, 2018 at 10:04:15 AM]:
    • I have found that people get stuck on headers sometimes
    • when this happens, they repeatedly try to reinstall or clear the folder and start over but it doesn't work, sticks at the same spot
    • I have found that if they had an initial problem they may end up with a background process that keeps being reconnected to even after uninstall reinstall and they continue to fail at the same spot
    • to solve the problem (since I don't have a linux box atm) I am doing the following, 100% success rate
      • Backup wallet.dat
      • Clear user folders for HTMLCOIN and uninstall app
      • REBOOT. (This gets rid of the background process)
      • Reinstall
      • Run wallet. I have seen it have to be started stoped and started again or wait a few minutes to get stable peers.
      • Restore the wallet after sync.

My Anti-virus software says the wallet software has a virus!!

  • Some antivirus software will complain that this download is a virus, but don’t worry — it’s a false positive. You can scan the file with 45 antivirus programs on virustotal.com

Assertion error is keep happening and not going away. what should I do?

  • Delete everything in your roaming profile datadir except wallet.dat and let the chain resync. If that doesn’t fix it, you may need to delete everything and use your backup wallet/keys. (QuidProCrypto)
    • If you are worried about this, simply copy the entire HTMLCOIN folder to HTMLCOIN_old and delete everything from the HTMLCOIN except wallet.dat
    • Start the wallet app and let it resync.

Do you have a video on how to backup and restore?

Do I have to encrypt my wallet?

  • No you do not have to, but it is strongly recommended to encrypt your wallet.
  • If anyone can access your unecrypted wallet.dat file, they can steal your coin.

Do I need to backup the wallet?

  • yes, it is very important to backup your wallet frequently and save backup files to multiple locations. And also it is important to make multiple backup files.
  • for example:
    • name your backup wallet file to something like
      • html-wallet-backup-2017-12-30-0430pm.dat
      • html-wallet-backup-2017-12-31-0500pm.dat
      • html-wallet-backup-2018-01-01-0100am.dat
  • Your wallet.dat can get corrupted due to multiple reasons and same to your backup files. That is why you want to make multiple backups like this and save them to multiple locations like this:
    • backup to your usb stick - at least two of them
    • backup to your hdd disk
    • backup to your external hdd disk
    • backup to cloud storage (not recommended unless you have encrypted your wallet.)

Why do I need to backup my wallet?

  • It contains all of your private keys
  • It is easy to restore your wallet to other computer or to your existing wallet when your wallet is corrupted or reinstalled and accidentally wiped your wallet.dat.

Can I open my same wallet.dat to multiple locations?

  • yes you can, but it is not recommended because it can cause some unknown issues. You can open one for pure minotring purposes, but do this at your own risk.

How to import / export private keys?

  • To export a private key from your qt client:

    • launch your htmlcoin client as usual and wait for it to load the blockchain and start up
    • click on 'help' in the menu bar (top right)
    • click on 'debug window'
    • select the 'console' tab
    • type: walletpassphrase your-walletpassphrase-here 600
    • type: dumpprivkey your-address-here
    • this will return the private key, you can copy it now; ensure you clear your clipboard/history afterwards
    • type: walletlock
    • when dumpprivkey fails for no reason, restart your wallet and try again. this was tested :D
  • To import a private key

    • launch your htmlcoin client as usual and wait for it to load the blockchain and start up
    • click on 'help' in the menu bar (top right)
    • click on 'debug window'
    • select the 'console' tab
    • type: walletpassphrase your-walletpassphrase-here 600
    • type: importprivkey privatekey
    • type: walletlock
    • when importprivkey fails for no reason, restart your wallet and try again.
      • also check to see if you mistakenly used the address instead of private key :D

How to restore wallet.dat?

  • Close your wallet software
  • You must find where your wallet.dat is located.
    • For windows: it is usually under %APPDATA%\Roaming\HTMLCOIN\
    • For Mac: it is usually under Library/Application Support/HTMLCOIN/
    • For Lunux: wherever you installed.
  • Rename your current wallet.dat to something like wallet-original.dat
  • Copy your backup wallet data file to where the wallet-original.dat is at.
    • DO NOT MOVE your backed up file. make sure to copy and paste.
  • Rename your backup wallet data file to wallet.dat
  • Start your wallet software.

Can I recover my coins if my wallet.dat is corrupted?

  • only way you can restore is either you have working backup wallet.dat or by importing your private keys to your newly installed wallet.

Why peers get banned?

  • Sharing what your wallet interprets as old or incorrect data or a prefork source. Happens often, especially when syncing.

Guys how long does it take for coin to show up on core wallet?

  • 8 hours staking or after 501 confirmations

whats the immature in the HTML desktop wallet mean ?

  • means your coin needs to be matured and will take about 501 confirmations (8+ hours)

Is there a way for us to see number of confirmation?

  • go to Transactions
  • bring your mouse cursor over the circle left to the date from the list. you will see how many confirmations from received/mined coins.
  • You can also enable coin control in settings, then go to send, select inputs. Then you can see the age of every block.

Says 0 active connections to HTML coin network.

  • you will need to wait a bit and see you get more connections. the worst case, restart the computer and before starting anything else, start the wallet and see if it works or not. One of my newly downloaded OTHER coin is doing the same thing
  • I find if I kill banlist.dat and peers.dat and restart I get connections immediately

I am mining 1 million coins or mining a lot a lot, is this normal?

  • Not a fake wallet, it can certainly be a genuine copy, but if the program can’t find a copy of the blockchain from another node, it starts it’s own. Hence the 100M+ coin blocks. Those are the swap premine.
  • Peter Bushnell:
    • The wallet should not allow solo mining without connections, however it does, which causes people to mine coins that are not part of the main blockchain. Next update will make sure that at least one other connection is required as set by the fMiningRequiresPeers in chainparams.
    • Q: So if it errors like this it’ll just die off once it reconnects? We won’t get fake blocks on the network..?
      • Peter Bushnell:
        • When the client connects to the mainnet it will switch chains to the longer chain which is also checkpointed. Next update will stop this situation from occuring to anyone except RegTest users but then you'd expect them to know what they are doing anyway.
      • QuidProCrypto:
        • That’s the beauty of the UTXO model and DLT generally, one user can’t override the consensus.

The staking expected time to earn reward is not working.

  • This is happening because of QTUM wallet is having the staking calculation issue.
  • The indept technical note can be found the link below:

Is there any manual for this wallet?

  • You can download this pdf file
    • click right button and select "save link as"

I am on and having issues connecting to nodes.

  • Answered by Peter Bushnell
    • Restart your router and try again.
      • Seems that nodes that previously seen are ignored by other network nodes, run a new client on a different port and it connects. Restarting the router may give you a new IP or map your client to a different port and appear as a different node to the network.
    • This answer can be found here

CreateNewBlock: TestBlockValidity Failed: bad-version (code 17) (#12)

  • Answered by Peter Bushnell
    • I only see the errors shown while the blockchain is still syncing with the network. Make sure that your block height is the same as shown in the explorer.

    • This answer can be found here


Does HTML coin have a paper wallet?

Proof-Of-Stake (POS)

What is PoS and How does it work?

  • HTMLCOIN uses PoS3.0
  • POS generates 1 block every 120 seconds, whilst POW generates 1 block every 120 seconds. The two processes run 60 seconds out of sequence so we effectively have a 60 second block time witheach process throttled back to 1% pa each.
  • The block reward is currently 1250 coins, and growth in supply is managed at the network level which is why there appears to be a lumpy/luck based element to rewards. This is a feature of the more modern POS3.0 coins and I am trying to explain is simply and mathemetically in a document for everyone to understand at the moment.

What is Staking? by SimonT

What is staking?

  • There are two major methods of securing a network which incentivize participation by generating new funds. The first method is "Proof of Work" and the second is "Proof of Stake".

  • The theory behind Proof of Work is to hold a mathematical competition. The first computer to solve the puzzle receives the coins. This makes distribution of coins a completely fair process. However, this also creates a problem of wasted energy.

  • Proof of Stake is a competition between shareholders, where based on connectivity to the network and random/lottery chance, you can receive new coins.

  • In Proof of Stake, you first prove you have access to coins and from that point compete to win blocks randomly. The more people competing, the more secure the block. Its original intention was to incentivise a wallet (node) to stay connected to the network and reduce the risk of a 51% (replay) attack.

How do I start staking?

  • Once the coins are in your HTMLCOIN 2.0 wallet, it is always best to encrypt it, and create a secure backup somewhere safe. To start staking, unlock your wallet and check the "for staking" tick box.

How long before my coins start to stake?

  • If you hover over (for a second or two) the lightning bolt icon (next to the HD icon) at the bottom-right of the wallet you'll notice the staking message. The message "Not staking because you don't have mature coins" may appear. This is because you must wait 500 blocks for your coins to mature. At the current block time of 60 seconds this means your coins will take approximately 8hr 20min to mature.

How do I know when I am staking?

  • Once you are eligible to stake, the lightning bolt icon will turn solid and the following message will be displayed when you hover over the solid lightning bolt:
  • Staking: Your weight is Network weight is Expected time to earn reward is Once you've received a staking reward (currently 1250 coins), you must wait 500 blocks for the reward to mature to be usable.

What is the expected time to reward, and why is it always wrong?

  • The Expected time to earn reward is a rough calculation based on:
    • (network_weight / your_weight) * block_time_in_minutes / 60 minutes / 24 hours.
  • This is a statistical expected time and you could get a stake reward much sooner, or much later than the expected time. In general, it is best to ignore it as it doesn’t include the time for the stake reward to mature.

How many coins can I expect to get?

  • The network is set up to generate approximately 1% of POW and 1% of POS coins. We chose POS as is provides a true decentralized system in which the more nodes that connect, the better the security as it shifts trust from a limited number of miners to the whole network itself.

  • For HTML, the block reward is a constant 1250 coins per block (1% pa. approx.). Only one person generates a block, the person that does gets the block reward, there's only one PoS block per two-minute interval. This does leave quite a level of ‘lottery luck’ in receiving a reward but over an extended period the random nature of staking does flatten things out, particularly when not all coins are being staked and a higher proportion is available to stakers.

Why don’t I get a reward?

  • Reward is generated at the network level, there is a lot of luck involved.

How long do I need to wait for my coins to mature?

  • The little tick mark at the very bottom right of the wallet will tell you how many blocks have been created. As mentioned, you will need to wait for another 500 blocks (8hr 20min +) for the new coins to mature and be available to your wallet.

What happens if I switch off or disconnect my computer?

  • If you shut down (put your PC/laptop to sleep, or get disconnected from the network), you will no longer be staking your coins and will have start the whole process again.

Where can I find out more?


How to do GPU mining

HTML Foundation Official youtube video

How to do wallet mining

  • from your wallet, go to HELP --> DEBUG WINDOW
    • click CONSOLE
    • type generate 100 for a quick test
  • you will see
- when you see this, it means you found nothing
  • when you see this
    • then you just found a block and earned 1250 HTML coins!
  • now you want to type something like
    • generate 100 999999999
      • this will create 100 blocks and repeat 999999999 times. It takes about one hour to complete.
    • press UP arrow. you will see your previous comment shows up again. hit Enter
    • repeat these two lines above like 100 times.

how to run multiple wallets in a single pc

HTML coin mining with CLI for windows

HTML coin mining with CLI for linux

  • go to this site
  • follow the README instruction
  • you can download htmlcoin-cli-mining.sh file by right button on that file link and save as.
  • You can save the file to the wallet folder or one above.
  • When I use this script on multiple sessions, it only uses 4 cores even if I have 32 cores. Why?
    • As an external miner is slow coming a better internal miner is something that I can work on, when you can set it to keep mining and allow you to set the thread count. When I get the time I'll get on to this but I'm stretched very thinly at the moment, not taken any days off now for months. This is on my to-do list.
      • Peter Bushnell (2018-01-08)
  • Korean community member created instruction in Korean!

HTML coin mining with multiple sessions

  • One of our contributors worked on this multi-session linux CLI mining script! Thanks!
  • Please go to his github and follow his README. He definitely made your life easier to do the mining! :D hahaha

HTML coin mining with raspberry pi3

Where is the mining pool?

  • No mining pool is available at the moment.
  • Currently wallet CPU solo mining only.
  • External miner is slow coming in that it does not yet exist and I've not been able to pin down a miner developer. Internal mining only at the moment.
    • Peter Bushnell (2018-01-08)

Can I mine with my graphics card?

  • No, you can't.
  • It is ASIC sha-256 only.
  • and mining pool is not available yet. Dev is actively working on it.


what is the max supply?

  • As of Thursday, January 18th, 2018 4:16PM PST

    • Current Rank: 139
    • Market Cap: $154,488,098 USD / 13,556 BTC
    • Volume: $1,077,340 USD / 94.53 BTC
    • Circulating Supply: 49,962,193,185 HTML
  • Where to get this info?

  • In the spirit of transparency, this number will be fully auditted against the swap number after the 106 day window and decisions taken on what we do. (SimonT)


what does the lightning do?

  • https://lightning.network/
    • Scalable, Instant Bitcoin/Blockchain Transactions

    • Transactions for the Future

      • Instant Payments.

        • Lightning-fast blockchain payments without worrying about block confirmation times. Security is enforced by blockchain smart-contracts without creating a on-blockchain transaction for individual payments. Payment speed measured in milliseconds to seconds.
      • Scalability.

        • Capable of millions to billions of transactions per second across the network. Capacity blows away legacy payment rails by many orders of magnitude. Attaching payment per action/click is now possible without custodians.
      • Low Cost.

        • By transacting and settling off-blockchain, the Lightning Network allows for exceptionally low fees, which allows for emerging use cases such as instant micropayments.
      • Cross Blockchains.

        • Cross-chain atomic swaps can occur off-chain instantly with heterogeneous blockchain consensus rules. So long as the chains can support the same cryptographic hash function, it is possible to make transactions across blockchains without trust in 3rd party custodians.
    • Powered by Blockchain Smart Contracts

      • Lightning is a decentralized network using smart contract functionality in the blockchain to enable instant payments across a network of participants.

      • How it Works

        • The Lightning Network is dependent upon the underlying technology of the blockchain.

          • By using real Bitcoin/blockchain transactions and using its native smart-contract scripting language, it is possible to create a secure network of participants which are able to transact at high volume and high speed.
        • Bidirectional Payment Channels.

          • Two participants create a ledger entry on the blockchain which requires both participants to sign off on any spending of funds. Both parties create transactions which refund the ledger entry to their individual allocation, but do not broadcast them to the blockchain. They can update their individual allocations for the ledger entry by creating many transactions spending from the current ledger entry output. Only the most recent version is valid, which is enforced by blockchain-parsable smart-contract scripting. This entry can be closed out at any time by either party without any trust or custodianship by broadcasting the most recent version to the blockchain.
        • Lightning Network.

          • By creating a network of these two-party ledger entries, it is possible to find a path across the network similar to routing packets on the internet. The nodes along the path are not trusted, as the payment is enforced using a script which enforces the atomicity (either the entire payment succeeds or fails) via decrementing time-locks.
        • Blockchain as Arbiter.

          • As a result, it is possible to conduct transactions off-blockchain without limitations. Transactions can be made off-chain with confidence of on-blockchain enforceability. This is similar to how one makes many legal contracts with others, but one does not go to court every time a contract is made. By making the transactions and scripts parsable, the smart-contract can be enforced on-blockchain. Only in the event of non-cooperation is the court involved – but with the blockchain, the result is deterministic.

why not Masternode?

  • MN is on the list of things to investigate, and we have discussed it before, but there needs to be an economic business case other than making free coins. There is a room to discuss in our ryver/slack site, and i see us kicking things off again in Jan. The problem we have is that we are very fast, very secure and with lightning we can do TOR style micropayments. If you do research MN coins they are generally all pre-segwit bitcoin based, whereas we are 0.14 and don't need to make any compromises.


  • SimonT answered on 2017-12-28
    • iOS is in progress whilst Android is in alpha at the moment. Teams are working on this (we were discussing on xmas day) and it will be one of the most important things we deliver in Jan/Feb 2018, although iOS will be all very hard work as soon as we submit to Apple and their listing processes.


Why CMC hasnt yet updated their market cap?

  • HTML Foundation sent request and waiting for them to update.

How the exchange works.

  • by SimonT

    We apply to them, some of them charge money for the application. Then they asses the coin and we do not hear back unless we are accepted.

    Large exchanges are generally free, but often insist on a promotion programme of anything between 3-6btc

    Medium exchanges generally charge a lot of money, between 5 and 45btc. With these we pay upfront and they then consider our application before returning our money o we don't succeed

    Smaller exchanges are generally quite different and are responsive and helpful.

    To date we have 26 applications in flight. I don't expect many responses until early Jan and even then we will probably have to reapply multiple times.

    Finally, this is not unusual. I have applied to exchnages for much larger projects and brand names and been similarly ignored

Where can I buy HTML coins?



Blockchain Explorer



  • Coinburn planned at anytime?
    • Please feel free to burn yours ;)
    • Dont burn it, sell to me for 1 sat




  • scammers are out there and trying to steal your coins. When anyone contacts you with admin name and photo, check their user names. ask other admins and verify the user before giving out any sensitive information.
  • Admins will NEVER EVER ask anyone for donation or ask private keys. That is the red alert right there!