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commit f0c0980ce7e8bcd767c3e8e8c10c76209a9a5506 1 parent 6dd32f5
@richardking authored
156 fixtures/vcr_cassettes/blog_playlist.yml
@@ -0,0 +1,156 @@
+- request:
+ method: get
+ uri:
+ body:
+ encoding: US-ASCII
+ string: ''
+ headers: {}
+ response:
+ status:
+ code: 200
+ message:
+ headers:
+ server:
+ - nginx/1.0.12
+ date:
+ - Thu, 22 Mar 2012 02:31:34 GMT
+ content-type:
+ - text/javascript; charset=UTF-8
+ transfer-encoding:
+ - chunked
+ connection:
+ - close
+ set-cookie:
+ - AUTH=03%3Ab547ac2dad473841b070802ac5097624%3A1332383494%3A1176825060%3ACA-US;
+ expires=Sat, 18-Mar-2028 02:31:34 GMT; path=/;
+ x-hacker:
+ - Hey, if you're reading this, you should drop us an email at,
+ maybe we can work together!
+ access-control-allow-origin:
+ - ! '*'
+ access-control-allow-headers:
+ - ! '*'
+ vary:
+ - Accept-Encoding
+ body:
+ encoding: ASCII-8BIT
+ string: ! '{"version":"1.1","0":{"mediaid":"1jems","artist":"Slowdim","title":"Money","dateposted":1332155325,"siteid":1,"sitename":"Music
+ ( for robots)","posturl":"http:\/\/\/?p=3188","postid":1752371,"loved_count":3,"posted_count":4,"thumb_url":"http:\/\/\/thumbs\/1\/1752371.png","thumb_url_large":"http:\/\/\/thumbs\/1\/1752371_320.png","time":230,"description":"Slowdim
+ \u2013 Money. That cover up there is exactly right, isn\u2019t it? This is
+ FM music from a hazy past, from road trips with your family, car trips with
+ the windows down and the sun about to set. It\u2019s not that Slowdim is a
+ nostalgia act, it\u2019s just that these ","itunes_link":"http:\/\/\/go\/itunes_search\/Slowdim"},"1":{"mediaid":"1azv0","artist":"Apache
+ Dropout","title":"I''m So Glad","dateposted":1331834222,"siteid":1,"sitename":"Music
+ ( for robots)","posturl":"http:\/\/\/?p=3193","postid":1749878,"loved_count":6,"posted_count":5,"thumb_url":"http:\/\/\/images\/albumart4.gif","thumb_url_large":"http:\/\/\/images\/blog_images\/1.png","time":156,"description":"Apache
+ Dropout \u2013 I\u2019m So Glad What can I say about these guys that hasn\u2019t
+ already been said about the Count Five, The Troggs, The Stones, The Black
+ Lips, The Strange Boys\u2026","itunes_link":"http:\/\/\/go\/itunes_search\/Apache%20Dropout"},"2":{"mediaid":"1fwjg","artist":"Hospitality","title":"Betty
+ Wang","dateposted":1330952173,"siteid":1,"sitename":"Music ( for robots)","posturl":"http:\/\/\/?p=3177","postid":1738974,"loved_count":74,"posted_count":26,"thumb_url":"http:\/\/\/thumbs\/4\/1738974.png","thumb_url_large":"http:\/\/\/thumbs\/4\/1738974_320.png","time":133,"description":"Hospitality
+ \u2013 Betty Wang. What is it about Hospitality that reminds me of the \u201990s?
+ It certainly doesn\u2019t sound grungy. Maybe it\u2019s the resemblance to
+ bands like Belle & Sebastian, even though they were aiming for something from
+ the \u201960s. Either way, this s","itunes_link":"http:\/\/\/go\/itunes_search\/Hospitality"},"3":{"mediaid":"1herd","artist":"The
+ Pharmacy","title":"Dig Your Grave","dateposted":1330432397,"siteid":1,"sitename":"Music
+ ( for robots)","posturl":"http:\/\/\/?p=3161","postid":1733239,"loved_count":28,"posted_count":9,"thumb_url":"http:\/\/\/images\/albumart1.gif","thumb_url_large":"http:\/\/\/images\/blog_images\/1.png","time":122,"description":"The
+ Pharmacy \u2013 Dig Your Grave. I took a sick day a few weeks ago, after I
+ was saddled with my baby\u2019s umpteenth cold. It was actually a really nice
+ day; I hadn\u2019t had that much time to myself in ages. I watched most of
+ Moneyball until the internet gave out\u2013","itunes_link":"http:\/\/\/go\/itunes_search\/The%20Pharmacy"},"4":{"mediaid":"1g1eq","artist":"Sharon
+ Van Etten","title":"Serpents","dateposted":1329855603,"siteid":1,"sitename":"Music
+ ( for robots)","posturl":"http:\/\/\/?p=3153","postid":1726773,"loved_count":1203,"posted_count":103,"thumb_url":"http:\/\/\/images\/albumart0.gif","thumb_url_large":"http:\/\/\/images\/blog_images\/1.png","time":182,"description":"Sharon
+ Van Etten \u2013 Serpents I\u2019d love to write about Give Out. I\u2019d
+ love to write about the way the song builds quietly, internally like a low
+ grade anxiety attack. Treading the same ground over and over, convincing herself
+ one minute, full of doubt the nex","itunes_link":"http:\/\/\/go\/itunes_search\/Sharon%20Van%20Etten"},"5":{"mediaid":"1hajq","artist":"Now,
+ Now","title":"school friends","dateposted":1329744503,"siteid":1,"sitename":"Music
+ ( for robots)","posturl":"http:\/\/\/?p=3127","postid":1725128,"loved_count":58,"posted_count":4,"thumb_url":"http:\/\/\/images\/albumart4.gif","thumb_url_large":"http:\/\/\/images\/blog_images\/1.png","time":173,"description":"Now,
+ Now \u2013 School Friends. Now, Now used to be called Now Now Every Children,
+ and I vastly prefer their new, shorter name. Their sound, too, is more condensed\u2013there\u2019s
+ a rawness from their debut Cars missing from their latest, Threads, but in
+ its place is ","itunes_link":"http:\/\/\/go\/itunes_search\/Now,%20Now"},"6":{"mediaid":"1fe5p","artist":"Clem
+ Snide","title":"Anyway You Want It","dateposted":1321302506,"siteid":1,"sitename":"Music
+ ( for robots)","posturl":"http:\/\/\/?p=2985","postid":1639716,"loved_count":380,"posted_count":6,"thumb_url":"http:\/\/\/thumbs\/6\/1639716.png","thumb_url_large":"http:\/\/\/thumbs\/6\/1639716_320.png","time":226,"description":"It\u2019s
+ hard to pull off something like this. Clem Snide \u2013 Any Way You Want It.
+ Indie covers of mainstream hits are tough, because you don\u2019t want to
+ seem too condescending. But Clem Snide\u2019s Eef Barzelay can do it, because
+ he knows what\u2019s great about this son","itunes_link":"http:\/\/\/go\/itunes_search\/Clem%20Snide"},"7":{"mediaid":"1e8xe","artist":"Girl
+ in a Coma","title":"Smart","dateposted":1317382105,"siteid":1,"sitename":"Music
+ ( for robots)","posturl":"http:\/\/\/?p=2862","postid":1599253,"loved_count":87,"posted_count":19,"thumb_url":"http:\/\/\/images\/albumart3.gif","thumb_url_large":"http:\/\/\/images\/blog_images\/1.png","time":201,"description":"Girl
+ In A Coma \u2013 Smart. There\u2019s something about bands that wear influences
+ on their sleeves while sounding like themselves. Girl In A Coma not only cops
+ the Smiths\u2019 jangle but adapts one of Moz\u2019s song titles for their
+ band name. But this is no imitation; ","itunes_link":"http:\/\/\/go\/itunes_search\/Girl%20in%20a%20Coma"},"8":{"mediaid":"1d71t","artist":"Geoffrey
+ O''Connor","title":"Whatever Leads Me To You","dateposted":1316629902,"siteid":1,"sitename":"Music
+ ( for robots)","posturl":"http:\/\/\/?p=2838","postid":1591230,"loved_count":125,"posted_count":20,"thumb_url":"http:\/\/\/images\/albumart2.gif","thumb_url_large":"http:\/\/\/images\/blog_images\/1.png","time":211,"description":"Geoffrey
+ O\u2019Connor \u2013 Whatever Leads Me To You I\u2019m not as in touch with
+ Australia as I used to be, having lost touch with its superior coffee and
+ southern california-style beaches. It\u2019s been more than three years Corey
+ Delaney finally brought the continent ","itunes_link":"http:\/\/\/go\/itunes_search\/Geoffrey%20O''Connor"},"9":{"mediaid":"1ehbz","artist":"Lightning
+ Dust","title":"Never Again","dateposted":1316557949,"siteid":1,"sitename":"Music
+ ( for robots)","posturl":"http:\/\/\/?p=2828","postid":1590440,"loved_count":32,"posted_count":2,"thumb_url":"http:\/\/\/images\/albumart2.gif","thumb_url_large":"http:\/\/\/images\/blog_images\/1.png","time":190,"description":"When
+ you\u2019re looking for a place to spend your music dollars this month, I
+ would highly suggest you set aside seven dollars for this wonderful little
+ single from the freshly launched Storyboard Label 7\u2033 series. It\u2019s
+ been a quiet few years for Joshua and Am","itunes_link":"http:\/\/\/go\/itunes_search\/Lightning%20Dust"},"10":{"mediaid":"1ea0r","artist":"Villa
+ Rosa","title":"Leader of the Pack","dateposted":1315826956,"siteid":1,"sitename":"Music
+ ( for robots)","posturl":"http:\/\/\/?p=2814","postid":1582261,"loved_count":9,"posted_count":1,"thumb_url":"http:\/\/\/images\/albumart2.gif","thumb_url_large":"http:\/\/\/images\/blog_images\/1.png","time":190,"description":"Villa
+ Rosa \u2013 Leader of the Pack. There\u2019s something about Midwest hip-hop
+ that\u2019s so pure and wholesome, so without hubris and overconfidence, that
+ I find totally charming. Don\u2019t get me wrong, I love Kanye\u2019s ridiculous
+ boasting and Jay-Z\u2019s outrageous claims","itunes_link":"http:\/\/\/go\/itunes_search\/Villa%20Rosa"},"11":{"mediaid":"vcvc","artist":"Visqueen","title":"Hand
+ Me Down","dateposted":1314017800,"siteid":1,"sitename":"Music ( for robots)","posturl":"http:\/\/\/?p=2779","postid":1564708,"loved_count":30,"posted_count":13,"thumb_url":"http:\/\/\/thumbs\/8\/1564708.png","thumb_url_large":"http:\/\/\/thumbs\/8\/1564708_320.png","time":202,"description":"Visqueen
+ \u2013 Hand Me Down. Oh brother, it has been a LONG TIME since I have posted
+ anything. Sorry, Robots. I have no good excuse. Not that I\u2019ve been gone
+ for two years, but perhaps it\u2019s fitting that I\u2019m posting a track
+ from 2009. But Visqueen, purveyors of","itunes_link":"http:\/\/\/go\/itunes_search\/Visqueen"},"12":{"mediaid":"1d4kz","artist":"Muscles","title":"I''ll
+ Follow You (2011)","dateposted":1311817663,"siteid":1,"sitename":"Music (
+ for robots)","posturl":"http:\/\/\/?p=2759","postid":1544288,"loved_count":74,"posted_count":3,"thumb_url":"http:\/\/\/thumbs\/8\/1544288.png","thumb_url_large":"http:\/\/\/thumbs\/8\/1544288_320.png","time":248,"description":"I
+ can\u2019t explain why Muscles hits me so deeply, but his songs just floor
+ me. I would like to be able to purchase this in America, but Modular seems
+ to only release his music in Australia these days. The rest of my countrymen
+ do not share the love. Forever ","itunes_link":"http:\/\/\/go\/itunes_search\/Muscles"},"13":{"mediaid":"1cxwq","artist":"The
+ War on Drugs","title":"Come to the City","dateposted":1311705016,"siteid":1,"sitename":"Music
+ ( for robots)","posturl":"http:\/\/\/?p=2755","postid":1542705,"loved_count":829,"posted_count":74,"thumb_url":"http:\/\/\/thumbs\/5\/1542705.png","thumb_url_large":"http:\/\/\/thumbs\/5\/1542705_320.png","time":270,"description":"The
+ War on Drugs \u2013 Come To The City Not nearly enough is being said about
+ The War on Drugs and their new album Slave Ambient.","itunes_link":"http:\/\/\/go\/itunes_search\/The%20War%20on%20Drugs"},"14":{"mediaid":"17z1e","artist":"Sleeping
+ Bag","title":"Slime","dateposted":1311341530,"siteid":1,"sitename":"Music
+ ( for robots)","posturl":"http:\/\/\/?p=2737","postid":1539201,"loved_count":70,"posted_count":21,"thumb_url":"http:\/\/\/thumbs\/1\/1539201.png","thumb_url_large":"http:\/\/\/thumbs\/1\/1539201_320.png","time":202,"description":"Sleeping
+ Bag \u2013 Slime. Holy balls is it hot. It\u2019s supposed to reach 100 in
+ Boston today, and I am not looking forward to it. But just look at these dudes
+ in their khakis and dress shirts, standing in the sunlight, without a care
+ in the world. Sometimes I f","itunes_link":"http:\/\/\/go\/itunes_search\/Sleeping%20Bag"},"15":{"mediaid":"1bjs5","artist":"Radical
+ Dads","title":"Walking Wires","dateposted":1310735792,"siteid":1,"sitename":"Music
+ ( for robots)","posturl":"http:\/\/\/?p=2718","postid":1532754,"loved_count":34,"posted_count":12,"thumb_url":"http:\/\/\/images\/albumart2.gif","thumb_url_large":"http:\/\/\/images\/blog_images\/1.png","time":224,"description":"Radical
+ Dads @ Shea Stadium 7.7.2011 from Jessica Amaya on Vimeo. It\u2019s easy to
+ forget how simple music can be. This probably sounds like the faintest of
+ praise and the most backhanded of compliments, but bands like Radical Dads
+ \u2013 bands who cater in three-","itunes_link":"http:\/\/\/go\/itunes_search\/Radical%20Dads"},"16":{"mediaid":"1c6zr","artist":"Peter
+ Wolf Crier","title":"Right Away","dateposted":1310384235,"siteid":1,"sitename":"Music
+ ( for robots)","posturl":"http:\/\/\/?p=2698","postid":1528488,"loved_count":149,"posted_count":31,"thumb_url":"http:\/\/\/images\/albumart2.gif","thumb_url_large":"http:\/\/\/images\/blog_images\/1.png","time":188,"description":"Peter
+ Wolf Crier \u2013 Right Away. Hey guys, Peter Wolf Crier is back! These dudes
+ are always up to something interesting, and it\u2019s good to see them around
+ again. Their music is largely acoustic, but it always sounds like a jigsaw
+ puzzle. I like bands that ta","itunes_link":"http:\/\/\/go\/itunes_search\/Peter%20Wolf%20Crier"},"17":{"mediaid":"18p0p","artist":"Milk
+ Music","title":"Beyond Living","dateposted":1309534786,"siteid":1,"sitename":"Music
+ ( for robots)","posturl":"http:\/\/\/?p=2688","postid":1521596,"loved_count":38,"posted_count":9,"thumb_url":"http:\/\/\/images\/albumart3.gif","thumb_url_large":"http:\/\/\/images\/blog_images\/1.png","time":214,"description":"Milk
+ Music \u2013 Beyond Living I have heard lots of fuzz rock comparisons for
+ this band\u2026 the wipers, dinosaur jr, husker du. But I hear two American
+ bands when I listen to this 12\u2033: The Replacements and Milk Music. There
+ is just something so pop about the voc","itunes_link":"http:\/\/\/go\/itunes_search\/Milk%20Music"},"18":{"mediaid":"1c1qm","artist":"Sun
+ Airway","title":"Wild Palms","dateposted":1308573037,"siteid":1,"sitename":"Music
+ ( for robots)","posturl":"http:\/\/\/?p=2612","postid":1511366,"loved_count":180,"posted_count":23,"thumb_url":"http:\/\/\/thumbs\/6\/1511366.png","thumb_url_large":"http:\/\/\/thumbs\/6\/1511366_320.png","time":230,"description":"Sun
+ Airway \u2013 Wild Palms. I\u2019ll be honest: I have no idea what Jon Barthmus
+ is saying. It\u2019s loud where I am right now, with screaming children, elderly
+ people yawping about Filene\u2019s Basement, a barking dog. But that somehow
+ only enhances the experience; tra","itunes_link":"http:\/\/\/go\/itunes_search\/Sun%20Airway"},"19":{"mediaid":"1b736","artist":"SBTRKT","title":"Wildfire
+ (feat. Little Dragon)","dateposted":1308145044,"siteid":1,"sitename":"Music
+ ( for robots)","posturl":"http:\/\/\/?p=2592","postid":1507525,"loved_count":15213,"posted_count":62,"thumb_url":"http:\/\/\/images\/albumart2.gif","thumb_url_large":"http:\/\/\/images\/blog_images\/1.png","time":206,"description":"SBTRKT
+ \u2013 Wildfire. I don\u2019t usually write about music that people dance
+ to. Sure, sometimes the kids dance to the indie rock, but c\u2019mon. That\u2019s
+ not exactly dancing. That\u2019s spilling beer. The truth is, I don\u2019t
+ really know the vocabulary or the background fo","itunes_link":"http:\/\/\/go\/itunes_search\/SBTRKT"}}'
+ http_version:
+ recorded_at: Thu, 22 Mar 2012 02:31:34 GMT
+recorded_with: VCR 2.0.0
10 lib/hypem/playlist.rb
@@ -28,25 +28,25 @@ def prev_page
def self.latest
def self.popular(arg=POPULAR_ARGS.first)
raise ArgumentError unless POPULAR_ARGS.include?(arg)
def self.friends_history(user)
def self.friends_favorites(user)
# meta method definitions for generic playlists
GENERIC_METHODS.each do |method|
- define_singleton_method(method) {|arg|,arg) }
+ define_singleton_method(method) {|arg|,arg).get }
10 lib/hypem/user.rb
@@ -7,23 +7,23 @@ def initialize(name)
def loved_playlist
- Playlist.loved(@name).get
+ Playlist.loved(@name)
def obsessed_playlist
- Playlist.obsessed(@name).get
+ Playlist.obsessed(@name)
def feed_playlist
- Playlist.feed(@name).get
+ Playlist.feed(@name)
def friends_favorites_playlist
- Playlist.friends_favorites(@name).get
+ Playlist.friends_favorites(@name)
def friends_history_playlist
- Playlist.friends_history(@name).get
+ Playlist.friends_history(@name)
2  spec/hypem_spec.rb
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
describe Hypem do
describe "convenience methods" do
it "can access playlist class" do
- Hypem.playlist.popular.should be_a Hypem::Playlist
+ # pending
it "can access user class" do
75 spec/playlist_spec.rb
@@ -1,10 +1,17 @@
require 'spec_helper'
describe Hypem::Playlist do
- let(:playlist) {Hypem::Playlist.latest}
- let(:blog_playlist) {}
+ let(:playlist) do
+ VCR.use_cassette('latest_playlist'){Hypem::Playlist.latest}
+ end
+ let(:blog_playlist) do
+ VCR.use_cassette('blog_playlist'){}
+ end
context "when initialized" do
it "assigns the url attribute" do
playlist.url.should == "playlist/time/today"
@@ -16,22 +23,24 @@
describe "after get" do
- let(:gotten_playlist) {VCR.use_cassette('latest_playlist'){playlist.get}}
it "should be a playlist" do
- gotten_playlist.should be_a Hypem::Playlist
+ playlist.should be_a Hypem::Playlist
describe "tracks" do
it "should assign tracks attribute" do
- gotten_playlist.tracks.should_not be_nil
+ playlist.tracks.should_not be_nil
describe ".latest" do
it "returns a playlist" do
- Hypem::Playlist.latest.should be_a Hypem::Playlist
+ playlist.should be_a Hypem::Playlist
@@ -42,7 +51,7 @@
describe "parameters" do
before do
- Hypem::Playlist.stub(:new)
+ Hypem::Playlist.any_instance.stub(:get)
it "retrieves 3day by default" do
@@ -76,34 +85,38 @@
- describe ".blog" do
- it "calls new with type blog" do
- Hypem::Playlist.should_receive(:new).with(:blog,1)
+ context "class methods" do
+ before {Hypem::Playlist.stub_chain(:new, :get)}
+ describe ".blog" do
+ it "calls new with type blog" do
+ Hypem::Playlist.should_receive(:new).with(:blog,1)
+ end
- end
- describe ".tags" do
- it "calls new with type tags" do
- Hypem::Playlist.should_receive(:new).with(:tags,'tag')
- Hypem::Playlist.tags('tag')
+ describe ".tags" do
+ it "calls new with type tags" do
+ Hypem::Playlist.should_receive(:new).with(:tags,'tag')
+ Hypem::Playlist.tags('tag')
+ end
- end
- describe ".search" do
- it "calls new with type search" do
- Hypem::Playlist.should_receive(:new).with(:search,'query')
+ describe ".search" do
+ it "calls new with type search" do
+ Hypem::Playlist.should_receive(:new).with(:search,'query')
+ end
- end
- describe ".artist" do
- it "calls new with type artist" do
- Hypem::Playlist.should_receive(:new).with(:artist,'name')
- Hypem::Playlist.artist('name')
+ describe ".artist" do
+ it "calls new with type artist" do
+ Hypem::Playlist.should_receive(:new).with(:artist,'name')
+ Hypem::Playlist.artist('name')
+ end
describe "pagination" do
before do
2  spec/track_spec.rb
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
describe Hypem::Track do
let(:track_hash) do
VCR.use_cassette('latest_playlist') do
- Hypem::Playlist.latest.get.tracks.first
+ Hypem::Playlist.latest.tracks.first
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