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BIP32 Wallets
The pycoin library implements a deterministic wallet that will securely generate Bitcoin addresses compliant with
This includes creating and parsing standard wallet keys.
The command-line utility "ku" exposes a lot of this API on the command-line.
Using this method, you can create a wallet that generates as many public keys as you need while keeping the private keys
offline. For example,
is the public wallet the corresponds to the the private wallet
First, you generate a Wallet object from either a master secret (so a pass phrase of some kind) or a wallet key, like one
of the above. Note: pass phrases must be absolutely unguessable. Because it's so difficult to come up with an unguessable
pass phrase, it's recommended you simply generate a random key as your basis ("ku create").
A Wallet object can generate a subkey using the "subkey" method, which is a child key that can be derived from the parent
easily if you know the value for i (which ranges from 0 to 2147483647).
A private Wallet object can yield a public Wallet object (which generates only the corresponding public keys), but not
the other way around.
A private Wallet object can generate a subkey whose addresses CANNOT be derived from the corresponding public Wallet
object (to generate change addresses, for example). Set ```is_hardened=True```.
WARNING: be extremely careful giving out public wallet keys. If someone has access to a private wallet key P, of course
they have access to all descendent wallet keys of P. But if they also have access to a public wallet key K where P is a
subkey of K, you can actually work your way up the tree to determine the private key that corresponds to the public
wallet key K (unless private derivation was used at some point between the two keys)! Be sure you understand this warning
before giving out public wallet keys!
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