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Version 0.90.20190728
* fix problem with recid > 1 (probably, hard to test)
* fix problem on Windows
* add Chaucha, STRAT
* fix Dogecoin bip32 prefix
* add documentation for pycoin.networks.Contract.Contract class
Version 0.90.20190630
* all API moved under pycoin.symbols.*.network
* rewrite of ecdsa package
* change how ScriptNullData works (arbitrary data now allowed after OP_RETURN)
* first crack at documentation
* added b58, coinc, keychain command-line tools
* removed obsolete genwallet, spend, and bu tools
* "netcode" renamed to "symbol"
* many, many other changes, big and small
Version 0.80
* remove support for (now obsolete)
* change intbytes to use six-style names
* add BlockchainInfoProvider.tx_for_tx_hash
* add BECH32 segwit address support (including to ku)
* add msg tool (to generate and verify signatures)
* remove fetch_unspents tool (use tx -i)
* remove cache_tx tool (use tx -C)
* remove BlockHeader (functionality has been rolled into Block)
Version 0.77
* tx cmd will no longer use split pools unless an output is manually specified
* more refactoring of vm classes
* first crack at Sphinx documentation
* fix
* fix
* fixed recipes
Version 0.76
* respin build to fixing a problem with "" being named "" in
the 0.75 tar.gz file on pypi
Version 0.75
* add tx --db option to include source transactions
* add pycoin.contrib.who_signed module
* use latest version of tests from bitcoind (script_tests.json, tx_invalid.json,
and tx_valid.json)
* add initial support for segregated witness ("segwit")
* rename scripts module to cmds to eliminate confusion with bitcoin script module
* remove obsolete commands genwallet, bitcoin_utils and spend
* changed to more standard "M of N" for multisig
* move to networks module
* add network/ to allow dynamic registration of non-bitcoin networks
* move to messages module
* add electrum key support to ku tool
* add
* add recipies for multisig
Version 0.70
* major overhaul of the VM and scripting system to make it more compatible with bitcoind
including added over 1000 tests from bitcoind
* added a framework to trace transaction script
* removed service provider, as they've disabled their API
* removed biteasy service provider, as many transactions were not being returned properly
and there are many other good alternatives
* add Peter Gray's message signing code to pycoin/contrib
* add experimental bitcoind_disk code to read blocks from bitcoind disk database
* deprecate Tx.tx_from_hex (instead use Tx.from_hex)
Version 0.61
* fix a problem creating and parsing scripts with blobs of size >= 256
Version 0.60
* more tests
* prototype support for using native OpenSSL methods to speed up some slow operations.
Set (and export) environment variable PYCOIN_NATIVE=openssl to activate.
* moved intbytes to pycoin.intbytes
* support signing pay-to-scripthash in tx utility
* abolish support for negative numbers in BIP32 key paths
* more networks
* changed how Spendable streams to text and to dicts to put transaction hashes in the
more conventional order. ** WARNING **: if you have built databases of Spendable objects
using these methods, you will need to convert them
* make script obsolete
* first crack at Insight service, service, service
* deprecate Tx.tx_from_hex in favor of Tx.from_hex
* a zillion other minor fixes
Version 0.52
* more networks
* moved some (untested) network code from pycoinnet
* fix a bug in Key which affected ku, and add a unit test (thanks to Michael Perklin for the report)
Version 0.51
* add pycoin.blockchain (which was in github but not
Version 0.50
* use tox for testing (see TESTING.txt for more info)
* move blockchain utilities from pycoinnet to pycoin
* completely rework how scripts are identified and solved in an easier-to-extend way
* add fields to Spendable that will work better with wallets (coming soon)
* add Tx.blanked_hash to assist in identifying transactions subject to malleability
* can now sign M of N transactions
* signing just one signature in an M of N transaction supported
* VM improved so multisig validation now supported
* pay-to-script validation now supported
* pay-to-script signing now supported
Version 0.42
* switch TxOut.bitcoin_address to taking netcode, sorry for API thrash
* get pay-to-script addresses recognized in existing transactions
* still can't create or sign them
Version 0.41
* fix version number in so this is actually the latest version sent by pypi
* allow alternate networks when parsing WIFs
* move to three or four letter netcodes, like BTC
* add pycoin/key/ for methods that validate addresses (including pay-to-script addresses)
NOTE: we can't yet create or parse transactions with pay-to-script addresses
* get block script working
* fix a few other bugs
Version 0.40
This is a pretty major overhaul... sorry for broken API!
* added
* initial support for Litecoin and Dogecoin addresses
New Scripts:
* ku (keys & BIP32 manipulation), replaces bu/bitcoin_utils and genwallet
* tx (transaction manipulation), replaces spend
* fetch_unspent command-line tool
* cache_tx to add a transaction to local cache
* block (to dump contents of a block)
* added Key class with alt coin support
* renamed to
* massive overhaul of Tx class
* remove UnsignedTx class, folding functionality into Tx
* partial signing supported by Tx
* added Spendable class
* Tx objects can now optionally be augmented with data about source coins ("unspents")
* if this data is set, many new methods can be called related to signing or verifying
* easy integration with TxDB class to set unspents
* deterministic signing of TxIn according to RFC6979
* limit S values in preparation for version 3 transactions
* tx_utils helper to make it dead simple to create new, signed transactions
* create_tx and create_signed_tx
* new support for and
* services now integrated with environment variables:
* a new TxDB class
* looks like a dictionary
* transparently uses configured services
* caches fetched transactions
Version 0.26
* fixed Block.repr
* more testnet support
Version 0.25
* improve display in satoshi_to_btc
* add TxOut.bitcoin_address
* allow UnsignedTx to be streamed and parsed
Version 0.24
* add some support for testnet
* add support for ripemd160 in Google App Engine
* add a BIP32 wallet subkey cache
Version 0.23
* fixed two bugs specific to Python 2.7 (thanks to Peter D. Gray)
Version 0.22
* now works with Python 3.2
* added "bu" command-line utility
* improvements to "spend" command-line utility
* added some utilities
* first crack at transaction fee conventions
* rename public_pair_from_sec to sec_to_public_pair
Version 0.20
* transaction signing is much easier to use now
* massive refactoring of script package
Version 0.14
* a few speed-ups
* fix genwallet script
Version 0.13
* first crack at support for Python 2.7
* rename ripemd160_sha256 to hash160
* add a bunch of pydoc comments
* first crack at utility (need a better name)
* very preliminary crack at utility
* reduce Tx database that's required to be passed to the "sign" method
to include bare minimum of data (the output script for a given hash/index)
* change ":pub" keypath suffix to ".pub" (still not sure about this)
* lots of refactoring, parameter renaming, moving things around
related to signing and verifying transactions. Better, but still
not perfect.
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