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Load gists into an etherpad session for collaboration.

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GistPad shows you a list of your recent Gists and allows you to edit them in an EtherPad session. You can collaborate with other developers using the EtherPad session, and save the Gist back to GitHub when done.


Obey syntax highlighting of Gist type?

OAuth to GitHub to allow gist update and private gists

“Choose a Gist” image replacement

Pad cleanup / expiration

Disconnect bug on use of “Direct Link”?

Use a client-side Gist object? (Merge w/ Github API JS bindings project?)

How should collaboration work? Give the direct link?

Architecture Issues

Where is the split between server-side (Ruby to GitHub) v. client-side (JS to GitHub)?

  • ex. Live gist list updating?
  • ex. Gist content retrieval and saving is client-side
  • ex. Server-side also retrieves Gists; send them as JSON to the client?
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