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@@ -24,46 +24,58 @@ Installation
Install the most recent available version under `/usr/local`:
$ git clone git://
$ cd git-sh
$ make
$ sudo make install
Start a shell with `git-sh`:
$ git-sh
master!git-sh> help
Use the `PREFIX` environment variable to specify a different install location.
For example, under `~/bin`:
$ make install PREFIX=~
Basic Usage
Typical usage is to change into a git working copy and then start the shell:
$ cd mygreatrepo
$ git sh
master!mygreatrepo> help
Core git commands and git command aliases defined in `~/.gitconfig` can be
used as top-level commands:
master!mygreatrepo> checkout -b new
new!mygreatrepo> log -p
new!mygreatrepo> rebase -i HEAD~10
It's really just a normal bash shell, though, so all commands on `PATH` and any
aliases defined in `~/.bashrc` are also available:
new!mygreatrepo> ls -l
new!mygreatrepo> vim somefile
-*IMPORTANT: `rm`, `mv`, and `diff` are aliased to their git counterparts. Use
-`command(1)` (e.g., `command rm`) or qualify the command (e.g. `/bin/rm`)
-to use system versions.*
+*IMPORTANT: `rm`, `mv`, and `diff` are aliased to their git counterparts. To use system versions,
+run `command(1)` (e.g., `command rm`) or qualify the command (e.g. `/bin/rm`).*
@@ -73,18 +85,22 @@ path to the current working directory from the root of the work tree. If the
work tree includes modified files that have not yet been staged, a dirty status
indicator (`*`) is also displayed.
-The git-sh prompt includes ANSI colors when the git `color.ui` option is set and
+The git-sh prompt includes ANSI colors when the git `color.ui` option is
enabled. To enable git-sh's prompt colors explicitly, set the `` config
value to `auto`:
$ git config --global auto
Customize prompt colors by setting the ``, ``,
and `` git config values:
$ git config --global 'yellow reverse'
$ git config --global 'blue bold'
$ git config --global 'red'
See [colors in git]( for information.

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