A small satellite receiver for Subsonic. Allows you to have a single server and multiple playing nodes.
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A small satellite receiver for Subsonic.

SubSonic jukebox mode allows you to play music direct on the server hardware. This is great if your server is hooked up to a sound system, but if it isn't then playing your SubSonic music through your sound system means installing a separate server.

SubSatellite is a small SubSonic client with a cut-down SubSonic Jukebox REST API. You can install SubSatellite on a Java 1.8 compatible device connected to a sound source and stream music from your existing SubSonic server.

SubSatellite is controlled using a REST API that is based on the SubSonic Jukebox REST API. It is recommended that you use an existing SubSonic client to control SubSatellite.

Clients with SubSatellite support are:

See http://www.avsubapp.co.uk/subSatellite.html for further details.

SubSatellite uses JLGui (http://www.javazoom.net/jlgui/jlgui.html) classes to stream audio.


SubSatellite can be downloaded from http://www.avsubapp.co.uk/subSatellite.html


SubSatellite is packaged as a single JAR file and can be run with the following command

java -jar subsatellite-0.1.jar

By default, SubSatellite runs on port 4141


  • In your Subsonic server, create a user for SubSatellite to use
  • Port defaults to 4141 (can be overriden by setting property jetty.port)
  • Connection details to connect SubSatellite to SubSonic are provided by client (AVSub) configuration.

Client Setup

The client passes information to SubSatellite about which Subsonic server it should use, along with username and password. This allows for a very simple setup for SubSatellite.

See http://www.avsubapp.co.uk/subSatellite.html for AVSub specific details.



To test if your SubSatellite instance is ready to go, you can test it at this URL from a browser:


You should receive a response that looks like this

<subsatellite-response xmlns="http://www.avsubapp.co.uk/subsatellite/restapi" status="ok" version="0.2">
  <satelliteStatus currentIndex="0" playing="false" gain="0.0" position="0"/>

Current Limitations

This project is a minimum viable prototype. It has the following limitations:

  • Cannot seek within a file
  • Error reporting is minimal


SubSatellite requires:

  • Java 1.8
  • Maven

Included in the source is a local Maven repository with most dependancies included.

To build, execute the following command from the root:

'''mvn clean package'''

The JAR file will be built to ./subsatellite-server/target.

Note - The build file creates an uber-jar file. Due to the nature of the app, which is a webapp running inside an embedded server, some dependancies are duplicated in the final JAR file. I'm sure this could be fixed.